Harry Wilson

  • Yes so I have Harry Wilson , he is up 23p a share do I flip him or hold .

  • Depends how long you are willing to hold for. I think he will be playing Premier League football next season for someone

  • Yes I think so , bright future , thanks👍

  • @NewUser95754 @NewUser197355 he’ll almost certainly be at Liverpool as they own him!
    Whether he’ll be playing is another matter.
    His return to Liverpool is probably already factored in to his price, if he sits on the bench or worse I don’t see a massive rise.
    Interestingly, reports suggest Liverpool aren’t taking up the option to recall him in the window, which might suggest, despite his performances. Klopp can’t see a role for him.

  • @Ringers I was more thinking if say Derby win promotion and Klopp allows Lampard to keep him on loan for another season to get premier League game time. I can't see Liverpool selling him but another loan next season could happen

  • @NewUser197355 Danny Ings is the only Liverpool player,out of 16 , on loan to a premier team, I guess this is because his days at Anfield are numbered and they want as much of his wages paid as they can.
    Last season they had Sheyi Ojo and Marco Grujic at Fulham and Cardiff, both got promoted, they are now at Reims and Hertha Berlin.

    I don’t think Liverpool loan to premier clubs much.
    They might do Steve Gerrard a favour, but they don’t owe lampard anything.
    I think he’s more likely to be at Anfield on the bench or abroad. If he’s abroad there’s a risk it’s not a PB league, and he won’t be hitting MB

  • Hes going to get so many assists and goals from set pieces! the next Mason Mount.

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