Milner's price

  • Why isn't it going down? Been a few days now since his IPO and no one is buying him, FI indicated that no demand for a player would cause his price to drop.

  • Did they say that specifically in relation to the new IPO players?

    In general, he was added as a new IPO player based on his opta stats. Because no-one has bought him at that price his price hasn't risen but also there's no-one to sell him, so therefore his price hasn't moved. It makes sense for players IPO prices to be related to opta, rather than a random figure. In time, as with other similar instances, he will likely drift down the rankings as other players overtake him in value. It does basically make sense, tho obvs not perfect

  • milner has a really large head

  • @pwp23

    Agree opta stats are logical but think consideration needs to be given to other factors to I.e. What squad votes he had, how he compares to other people in that price bracket.

    There is more to FI than buzz wins

  • @ACBlue at the mo i'm thinking potential and media might be the way to go. the site is more involving now but not quite sure how to play things

  • also everything posted on here helps the owners make more money as essentially this is their feedback...

  • @pwp23

    I'm aiming to sell players without losing money and watching the market over the next month to be honest. See what happens.

  • @ACBlue sounds wise for now. i don't know enough about the new players, so sticking with those i know. enjoying having loads of new players to look out for tho

  • davvid louise, top. why?

  • @pwp23

    Likewise. I follow things fairly closely over here - prem and championship (I'm an Ipswich fan so its natural) but don't follow a great deal overseas outside of the real big teams.

    Sure I'm missing out on a few bargains but hey ho.

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