messed up now

  • why couldn't they leave it? it was good in the last format.
    200 players to invest in and squads to vote on, was a great concept.
    greed rears its ugly head.

  • Have to say I'm not 100% liking this new system either. Too little chance to win anything. Will be interesting to see how things go moving forward.

  • if anything its too much too soon. should have perhaps added 10 players a week that are able to buy from the squad. its like a car crash at the moment

  • new ipo list announced, zappacosta for a quid, I'm out of here until the dust settles

  • Fi are destroying the platform and blocking quick sell. If I've ever seen market manipulation it's right here right now.

  • @NewUser51524 well said, I know they have to make money but they can do that from the wreckless not the savvy

  • they wont let you instant sell lower priced players but they will let you instant sell top players at about 15 % less thatn their value.

    greed has crept in

  • Just don't buy the IPOs. I haven't gone near them, daft prices

    The PP is a total lottery now

  • I'm not happy with this either. I've decided I'm not going to think about the performance buzz and will on-stead focus on buying young players like Tielemans where they could triple in value in 2 years. I think buying players low and selling high is a good strategy, a bit like Tottenham with Berbatov, Modric and Bale, a combined £25 million when bought that sold for a combined £150 million.

  • @NewUser59855 good strategy. good investment and better than putting it in the bank...... at the moment, but its clear the footy index lot are trying to make money too and wont be happy if you are.

  • Trying to run before you can walk springs to mind.

    Time will tell I guess but I'm not a huge fan of the changes at the mo.

    Waiting for the dust to settle and hope I don't lose too much in the meantime.

  • the original format was equal and fair, if you were wreckless you lose. for example if you bought 100 trackers you would have a much better than 50% chance of of winning pb\mb. now its more like 1 in 3000 at best. some people have made big money, ive been here a month and wish I was here from the start. now its done.

  • @NewUser85470 I know. That's the problem. We'll see whether the strategy works over time.

  • @NewUser85470 no its not 1 to 3000. If for example on a champions league game day there are only a few games (and even less from top european leagues). So the chance is much much higher. Sometimes 1 to 30 or something (divided through 4 because of 4 positions = 7,5) like that, and even than statistics show clearly that players like Messi much more often win PB than others.

  • @NewUser38991

    On a single game day, and I mean 1 game, there are a minimum of 22 players who might win the PB, or will be when all players are introduced - that excludes subs and the potential for any squad players who could feature randomly.

    I'm not convinced its 1/3000 by the way but its much higher than the 1/30 you quote.

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