• Hi guys would like some advice as a newcomer.. been looking at willian (83p) or lingard for 88p... Would these be considered as good cheap buys or am I barking up the wrong tree?


  • @NewUser24858 both are bit part players so unlikely to win performance buzz. Lingard may get some media buzz from playing for England. William may get a transfer in Jan or summer (maybe to united) which will see his price rise. Doesn't really answer your question but these are things to consider. The way i see it is you're gambling on either lingard doing well for England or William going to United or another big club.

  • Ye that's pretty much what I'm thinking to be honest trying to build a half decent portfolio for the transfer window to see if I can make a few quid.. do you have any other advice for me I'm really new to this and would appreciate a few tips

  • @NewUser24858 to be honest since the new changes I can't seem to find a successful strategy. My portfolio is up 30% since I joined in the summer but the new changes have put a holt to that. It is pretty much impossible to guess performance buzz. I've now put all my funds into players I believe will get a big move in the summer and hopefully rise so I'm in for the longer term. You need to decide if you want to make quick short flips and make a few quid each trade or play the long waiting game and invest for the future.

  • Both these players are about to drop out of the top 200 so are unable to win media dividends which will devalue them. I personally wouldn't invest in either of them. Possible Lingard could get a bump from the Engand games (is he in the squad) but still wouldn't be my choice.

    Its not an easy time to be a beginner. I would recommend just watching the market for the next few weeks and see how it moves.

    My personal opinion is the solid media players who play in the premier league and are priced £2 or above are the best bets at the moment. This is what I am investing in but things are changing all the time. This is just my opinion though so don't follow it blindly.

  • Cheers lads been a lot of help

  • @NewUser24858 i would buy young players like Marcel Sabitzer (tomorrow IPO), Tekpetey or Younes. I think they will have a great future

  • All depends on what you're trying to achieve buddy. Get rich quick with high risk buy n sell or solid long term investment reaping the dividends!

  • @NewUser38991 said in Beginner:

    @NewUser24858 i would buy young players like Marcel Sabitzer (tomorrow IPO), Tekpetey or Younes. I think they will have a great future

    Again this is my opinion but I think it a bad time to buy youngsters - everyone is doing research at the same time including FI so you are unlikely to get bargains or spot somebody no-one else has.

    Its better to wait for things to settle down and get promising youngsters in the future when less people are 'looking for them'

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