Rony Lopes

  • Anyone know how long until he’s back from injury? I know he had a slight set back in training a couple of weeks ago but not heard since. I’m desperate for him to return he’s one of my main holds and refuse to sell at a loss because I know he’ll rocket when returns because I think he was a gem when fit

  • I had him since I started 8months back. got rid of him a few weeks ago as jst signed a new contract and injured been following him and he's been out a long time for i think a hamstring issue. I made a bit but when hes fit and playing might jump back on. Thing is monaco drop out of ligue1. No chance of pb and can't see him moving.

  • I brought around a quid a good 7/8 months ago and sold for over the £2 figure recently annoyed I didn't get £2.50 for him but considering he's been injured all season and his club are in turmoil I think it was the only option I could have made at the time to reinvest those funds elsewhere (i should have done it sooner)... The sad thing is Rony is a class act and in a good Monaco side creating chances he would be a star.. But coming back from injury in a team that is losing week in week out... I don't think that is a good mix??

    I'll certainly be watching his price because if there is any up turn in Monaco form and any resurgence from Lopes once he starts playing he'll be a profit making hold no doubt but until he starts playing I don't see the dead money sitting in him now as any use whatsoever...

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