Mason Greenwood, the next big thing?

  • 17 year old Mason Greenwood scored an impressive hat trick tonight bringing his goal tally to 22 goals in 19 games and I have to say I've never been so excited about a United youngster. I've watched a lot of him on MUTV and it looks like he has every attribute needed to go all the way to the very top, two footed, clinical finishing, speed, dribbling ability, passing vision and a good physique at around 6'1.
    He was on the bench for Valencia and I think he will be making his debut very soon, possibly in the fa cup third round. People might be put off by his price but I think you have to consider his IPO price was high so he's gained around a £1 on that. He's one of my biggest holds and the only IPO I ever got on, I'm very confident he'll keep rising. I'd love to hear United fans (or anyone else's) opinion on him.

    *Edit, just Greenwood's highlights in the link below from tonight's match against a Chelsea side that had won 5 FA youth cups in a row.

  • @nally93 he’s 3.67, and he might (just might) get on the bench soon. Bearing in mind the manager doesn’t trust kids!
    Rabiot is £3 plays for PSG and is almost guaranteed a transfer now, probably to Liverpool, where he will be in the team!
    (This is just an example, there’s loads more)
    I can see where the value is.

  • Rabiot has never won a dividend and is actually odds on to stay at PSG according to the bookies with liverpool being 10/1, add that to the fact he rarely scores or assists I'd argue he's not value.

  • @nally93 and greenwood has never played/scored in a team that plays in a pb league.
    And is a hell of a long way down the pecking order.

  • @Ringers

    Yes but he's not had the chance yet unlike 23 y/o Rabiot, it's about confidence in future dividends returns which I do have in him, just look at Sancho's (1 second place media win so far) price to see that.

  • @nally93 not really the matter in hand, but PSG sporting director said today Rabiot will now be benched as has refused to extend his contact beyond this season. Tuchel said, "I cannot guarantee that Adrien will finish the season with us."

    All I'll say on Greenwood is that his current price suggests a lot of traders have a similar opinion to yourself.

  • @nally93 we shall ‘agree to disagree’ as jimmy tarbuck used to say.
    Are u being blinded by ur redness, there’s kids all over Europe banging in loads of goals in the U19s. It’s easy football, it doesn’t make them great!

  • Its going to be brilliant being an England fan.

    We will literally have dozens and dozens of world class superstars in 5-10 years. Honestly , there's no point playing the world cups, they will might as well just give us the trophy now. People talk about the Messi/Ronaldo generation well in 20 years people will be talking about how HudsonOdoi/Chong/Greenwood/Duncan/Brewster/Chong and about 30 Arsenal youngsters competed for the Ball D'Or.

  • @mike778 you forgot mason mount! (At least he is playing against men though) and still 67p cheaper than greenwood

  • @nally93 didn’t you start the best value between £3 to £9 thread a few days ago with rashford is the dogs????
    Wasn’t greenwood between £3 and £9 then??

    You need to have a look beyond the theatre of dreams.

    (I do agree that rashford is value though, as is martial, and Pogba is bringing home the divs, Diogo is a riser as well)

  • @Ringers

    Fair enough I appreciate Rabiot could come to England and win decent media returns.

    Honestly I don't think I'm blinded mate, how many footballers can Use both feet to the same standard? The way he runs at players and finishes too looks very impressive. If I was blinded by my redness I'd be bigging up Chong (100 shares) and Gomes who have been impressive but in my opinion aren't as special as Greenwood.

  • @nally93 is he giggs?

  • I’d buy the guy at £1.50 in the basis of your assessment, but he’s 3.60+.
    If they loan him out to derby, the premier league feeder club, he’ll plummet. It’s risky!

  • @mike778 does Chong have a brother 🤣

  • Greenwood.

    56th most valuable player on the index...

  • @Ringers

    I'd have bought a hell of a lot more if he IPO'd at £1.50 but his IPO was so high, I was clicking refresh every few seconds on IPO day and he was about £2.50 when his name finally appeared and I bought my first 100 shares in him. I think it's worth risking a loss of around £1 a share on this boy for the potential of many pounds a share he could increase with his talent. He's at the best club to win media dividends too of course.

  • Greenwood's highlights from tonight's match, after watching that I think you'll agree he looks very special. Chelsea have won the FA youth cup 5 times in a row so his opposition are no mugs.

  • @nally93 that chelsea U-18 defence looked a similar level to United's Senior one.

  • He has a mans body at under 18 level which helps a lot, compare him to Chong who is just as talented still needs to fill out a lot.
    When Chong is a bit bigger and stronger he will be in the first team.
    Greenwood does look good though but 3.60 odd Jesus wept.

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