Too many European based payers now?

  • I don't want to sound like a Brexiteer because I'm not but since the squad players came into the index, it feels like its a market for Champion League and European based players. It's a shame there are not more premiership players from smaller teams and a few Championship players.

    Maybe its because I'm not a big fan of CL football but I'm finding it harder to assess the real value of a lot of these new players on the market.

  • I guess they want to get the European first division players out first as they're the ones who can win PB. I'm actually a fan of it as it's forced me into paying a lot more attention to the foreign leagues. When you've got Sky and BT shoving "the best league in the world" down your throat non stop it can be easy to forget that there's football being played outside England!

  • Its great ... makes it easier to win MB

  • Agree, these players are more at risk to be relegated.

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