"New players are released into the index at a price of £0.25"

  • "New players are released into the index at a price of £0.25"

    No ones answering the 0800 066 2650 number..who are the 2 new players released today at 1pm n 1.15pm on at 0.25p?...how do i find out?..where is it on website?

  • @NewUser79602 No f*cking idea mate. I watched in vain as the whole thing passed me by with no apparent chance of participation until the price was 0.79p. I have tweeted but no joy! Bad start to my gaming experience

  • I have been doing this for a while - getting the new players at cheap prices is near on impossible - apparently using a smartphone is the best approach but simply luck as to whether you click at the right time, I can see it start at that price but literally within a split second it flies up to £0.70-£1.20 range. I have given up trying to be honest. i do wonder whether those with 'skills' have created macros or some sort of programming to get in there quick which would be a bit of a cheat I think - I may be wrong. If you accept this as a write off you can still enjoy it as loads of bargains still to be had if you know what to look for. Good luck!!

  • Every friday the highest two ranked players get promoted. 1st place joins the market at 13:15 and second place 13:00.

    U can use your votes to influence who gets promoted. Hope this helps

  • thanks lads - the answer i got ...is follow @footballindexuk on twitter and go to this site footballindex.news , think thats right

  • Can anyone explain why Alex Sandro has not yet been promoted from the squad list?

  • They experianced some server issues during Valencias IPO so it has been postponed until 1:15 on Monday.

    Regarding promotions keeping an eye on squad list is the best way to identify who is getting promoted

  • @Big_Lua how do you know from the squad list which 2 will be promoted then?

  • If u look at the squad list now you will see that insigne and dzeko are now top 2 and have a padlock symbol.

    Both. Will be promoted at 1pm & 1:15pm(1st place)

  • @Big_Lua cheers, so the padlock symbol is the sign then?...they really need to be much more clearer to tell who these players are even if its after and where it will announced etc

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