Wednesday's Bargains

  • Tomorrow sees an abundance of fantastic players hit the IPO.

    As more players hit the platform, making like for like comparisons becomes far easier to predict a price.

    For me Bryan Cristante @ Atlanta should be priced in a similar bracket to his teammates Freuler £1.28 and Gomez £1.40 (an actual pre-IPO "real" value as he IPO'd at 25p).

    All 3 appear similar is goalscoring\creativity terms, his Avg. Passes per Game is between the 2 and he is considerably younger. So at 80p and Atalanta still flying in the Europa League he would be my main tip tomorrow.

    Trotta from Crotone might attract some interest from the 50p pool.

    Hummel's is almost on par with Koulibaly but priced above him, he is German however so WC on his side - I'd be surprised if he didn't rise but wouldn't expect it to be big.

    Motta is a passing machine so his baseline will be phenomenal but doesn't chip in with many goals or assists and he's getting on now - I'd love him at 60p but at £1.40 that's too risky with retirement and total loss looming.

    Luis Alberto stats are very similar to Pjanic so expect him to rise to £1.80ish

    Kessie stacks up well against Casemiro but Fernandinho probably trumps then both at a much cheaper price and part of a very powerful City side.

    So many more to mention such as Rodri, Vertonghen, Sanchez, Canales, Partey, Busquets and Llorente.... shame they're not all 25p! :-)

  • I'd imagine there'll be very little interest in many of them just as per everyday now with the IPOs

    Way too overpriced and way too many of them

  • If I was them, I would theme it a bit now to make it more interesting.

    -Have a 10p day of players with crap stats but are regulars. Will give people a chance to have an interest in the PB on the cheap even if the odds are low
    -Have a hot prospects day - players who are young kids but with some potential
    -Have a veterans day
    -Have a top end day when you put out 50 players with a reasonable shot of winning a PB

    In fact going to suggest it now ...

  • The original 2 a week @ 25p was fine. I bet if you polled every trader asking if they'd bring that back even if it was 5 a week they'd ALL say yes!!

    FI, it's not too late, you can say "we tried, it was okay but we also listened to you"

    Back onto tomorrow. Finished my research, can't justify Vert and Davinson when Toby is so cheap, can't justify Busquets when Rakitic is only £1.05, can't even justify Delph when Kyle Walker is not just a deputy, better stats and same age in the same team whilst again being much cheaper.

    Luis Alberto, Bryan Cristante - solid purchases for me with growth potential from the off.

    Hummels, Diego Llorente, Rodri, Marusic, Vlasic, Esswein and Trotta - Speculative purchases that might pay off.

  • I wish it would go back. it was exciting with the Friday promotion relegation, now you cant even sell players unless its instant, I'm slowly taking my money out, will probably come back end of jan

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