themed ipos

  • As IPO are a bit old hat now, I would theme it a bit now to make it more interesting.

    -Have a 10p day of players with crap stats but are regulars. Will give people a chance to have an interest in the PB on the cheap even if the odds are low
    -Have a hot prospects day - players who are young kids but with some potential
    -Have a veterans day
    -Have a top end day when you put out 50 players with a reasonable shot of winning a PB
    -Then a day for players called Mike

    So people can take part in the days that interest them instead of each day being like day before just with another 50 players most people haven't heard of.

  • @mike778

    I quite like this idea.

    I also thought it would be nice to see 10 players from each league introduced per day rather than what appears to be a completely random splattering (I'm sure there is some logic).

    Up vote from me.

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