What is Market Value now????

  • Apologies for message length.

    I've been an avid user for over a year and was greatly excited by the new IPO's, as with everybody, i'm a little disappointed to miss out on some real bargains i'd researched.

    There are now many examples where someone like Loic Perrin 32 y.o, average player at an average club at £2.11, is neatly slotted in between Aubameyang and Sterling, 2 of the hottest young players in Europe.

    FI maybe recognize that liquidity in these new players will be low but expect new users to see this situation and think that Aubameyang and Sterling are now bargains and great investments. I would be inclined to agree and the coming months will see Perrin remain at this price and the 'Old top 200' have a surge in price.

    I think they will remain a solid investment and attract new users (who cant grumble about pre IPO days as they didn't know them) as an overall buzz win on matchday would net 18p a share. This would be just under 10% return, much better than any return in a bank, a highly likely occurrence over a season, with a potential for more, plus media buzz.

    So basically my feeling is that new investment will see increases in prices for these types of player leaving them currently rather underpriced.

  • I think it's an underhand way of doing it personally but some might see it as clever. Might buy a Ferrari dealership and put a few Astra's alongside them for 120K to make the Fezza's look cheap ;-)

    Secondly, I preached to my friends that it's a better return than you'll get in the bank but I'm now getting egg on my face as they say at least they can get their money out of a bank when they need it! :-/

  • A player's true value should really be equal to the expected dividends they will return over the rest of their career.

    If the market is true then players should deviate towards that. Its damn difficult to determine how much players are worth until everyone is in and we see how many dividends players are picking up.

    Aubameyang doesn't become good value just because he isn't as bad value as Perrin.

  • I'd just like to point out Aubameyang really is not young..

  • But he does have at least 3 decent years in the tank which is the most important thing as you've got to flog them within that time limit anyway!

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