Back to the Future - FI Please read.

  • Dear FI and Mr Cole,

    Everyone appreciates the efforts with this IPO roll out but let's face it; the people heavily invested in the big players don't like it, too much too soon is the feeling; the people who look for a bargain don't like the players being overpriced. Worst of all, people don't like the Instant Sell restriction as we can't actually get at the money we want to reinvest or use for a rainy day.

    I am pretty confident that if you polled all the traders and said "we tried it but we're listening to you the customers and we're taking our foot off the accelerator and reverting back to 25p Fridays" even if it was 5 or 10 a week instead of 2 you'd have a resounding round of applause.

    Just a suggestion but could be win, win, win for everyone.

  • Im not planning on investing any more money any time soon. Does anyone know how many players are going to be added? I know its 50 per day but for how long? I also feel that FI have not fully explained the changes and don't answer peoples query's on these threads.

  • @Harmonica

    If you say 20 teams in 5 leagues with an average of 23 players a squad plus a few extras for lower divisions and CL and Europa league teams outside the big 5 leagues then you're looking at 2300 players +.

    What's that, about Christmas time?

  • @ACBlue that sounds right, the plan must be to get everything set for the new year (save the goalie dividend!)

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