• Just wondering what people think I hold only 20 in him and was considering unloading him at a loss however he has risen a bit recently and now its only a few pound loss.Watching him recently he looks terrible and I think will now struggle to get a starting position however Chelsea are looking for a forward could it happen ???

  • He will bounce back

  • He will be sold to Scunthorpe and rot in the reserves...where he belongs.

  • I’m a united fan and don’t rate him at all, worth holding just to see how things pan out when he’s back.. no doubt he’s a very good goal scorer, just look what he does for Belgium so new manager might get a lot out of him

  • United fan too, get rid and invest in 1 of the other at United, even if Lukaku scores 2 he won't get close to PB, he barely does anything apart from score.

  • Hold for £5.40 - He'll certainly make that figure (comparatively) following the share split - hopefully giving you a profitable return on investment.

    Then have a think about how things are going under the new manager, is he playing consistently, scoring consistently. Decide then if he's worth holding long term.

    Would be a shame to dump (particularly at loss) if he goes and claims top scorer at Euro 2020 in a very good Belgium team.

  • He was better at everton becuase the team was built around him and his strengths. At United he is not that big fish anymore and to me is not a United player.

  • I think the big man will be given a shot under Ole, but ultimately he is not good enough for Utd.... I think he could be sold eventually

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