A couple of suggestions

  • Firstly get rid of the padlocks because they're no longer needed. Secondly it would be useful to have a symbol so I can see which of my players are in the top 200, possibly a small M (for media) in the top left corner of the picture.
    One thing I will mention is that when I use a narrow window, such as when I'm on my mobile, I can't scroll down and read the details of the last player on my portfolio list as they are obscured by the menu bar. This should be quite easy to fix: it just needs a larger margin at the bottom.

  • Yes a fantastic point on the margins, that's a real pain in the rear. Tweet it.

  • I too find this annoying. I always assumed it was my device.

  • yes I cant get the last player either so I use the app but the app still has squad voting, funny how I'm happy to trust these amateurs with my money

  • Update the app

  • Totally agree

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