• Any reason why people are selling off Rashford? In a few days Man Utd are playing Bournemouth, a team who are conceding for fun! Rashford will start for sure, and with the way Man U are playing there’s a good chance of another game full of goals...

  • @GregF most problem to lump all the money on pogba

  • Rick has nailed it. A few of my players have taken a hit (Sterling also suffering) but thankfully I also hold Pogba

  • @Rick said in Rashford:

    @GregF most problem to lump all the money on pogba

    Which is very short sighted and whya lot of people get screwed lover on FI, player hopping.

  • Nothing wrong with buying pogba btw.

    Selling rashers for Pog will hurt many people with IS.

  • @lotsofgoats Yhh my sterling has plummeted it’s crazy.. im actually thinking if it’s worth keeping him

  • @Tom77 yh very true..

  • I think selling off Sterling is pretty short sighted too. City have got Southampton next, and then a huge game against Liverpool which I’m sure will net Sterling some media buzz due to it being his former club. He only needs a goal next game and the people who sold off will be jumping back on, losing out in the long run!

  • @GregF Yhh we prob keep him for a good couple weeks.. but yh I feel like people IS rashford for pogba is baffling but o well..

  • Happy to hang onto Sterling until the SS as I’m still up a long way, but it hasn’t helped at all that City have lost some form. With the Nations League etc to come I might top up if he keeps dropping.

  • This is the volatility of fi. Sterling stands up to racism, scores a goal or two, the next sensation. Man u sack jose (which was needed) play and hammer weak opponents in cardiff and huddersfield and they are the greatest team ever again, ditch sterling he is crap, get onto whoever played well for utd. The day liverpool lose their first prem game salah will be dumped. Madness. Ive just made a nice profit on an acca, think its going into sterling and rashford. Truly like fantasy football now in alot of ways!

  • I love situations like Sterling where the masses bale out. Time to invest in sterling

  • I’m not a fan of either Rashford or Sterling, but to sell off either based on today’s results is very short sighted.

    Lots of people seem to lack patience and expect PB wins from every match. FI doesn’t work that way. Take a long term view.

  • Solskjaer: "What we can do with him is use him more, because I don't think the team is used to his runs. If you just watch him, the amount of runs and the good runs he makes in second half when we're 2-0 up and 3-0 up and he makes runs in behind which...look for him earlier, because that's his strength with his pace. And I'll work on his finishing, just settle down a little bit. He's got a great strike from outside the box and inside the box we'll just keep on working on being cool and calm and pass it past the keeper."

    This is what makes getting rid of Jose more exiting, Rashford getting coaching from the manager. I wonder what Jose was doing.

  • @Tom77 And to learn from arguably one of the best natural finishers to ever of played in the premier league!

  • @Tom77 humiliating his players. Telling them he thinks they are shit, privately and worse still publicly. That he has no time to coach and develop them, that he needs men. right now. He has been like this for years and i hope now nobody wants jose. He has practically ran out of clubs to manage. Who would want that ripping your club apart?

  • Phil Neville summed it up, the culture of the club was going under Jose now its back with Ole.

  • @Tom77 this is brilliant, and should see Rashford regularly getting 20-25 goals a season if it continues. Hope he does the same with Martial, Lingard and Lukaku too. Remember how good Lukaku was in his first 9 or 10 games for United, think it was 9 goals in 10 games or something? And how exciting Martial was with his pace, runs and finishes too? Getting those guys back playing well is better than buying new players in my opinion.
    Full disclosure: I hold rashford, martial and Lingard (like most people now I imagine) but not Lukaku, although tempted to buy into him soon too.

  • @GregF ole only there 5 months. Feel a bit sorry for him as he may just get them into top 4 and then bye mate, we want someone better and a bigger name

  • Someone that’s disappeared from the radar due to his injury is Sanchez, how good could he be in this team? I’m currently staring at my portfolio to see where I can free up some money from as he could shoot up with a few good games

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