POGBA- FI King 👑

  • So far we’ve seen an underperforming Pogba for Man Utd. And yet, he’s arguably been FI’s highest dividend earner largely through the media’s obsession every time he wakes up, gets a hair cut, tweets, scratches his arse, drives a car etc. My point now is- if he starts adding PB wins to his dividend haul he has the potential to leave everyone in his wake. Neymar included. Not on ability obviously, but on pure dividend return. 305 star player points....in a free flowing team no longer shackled by Mourinho’s defensive set up. So is this the real, creative Paul Pogba that we are finally seeing that won the World cup and dazzled with Juventus?

  • Personally I’d like to see him post some big scores in the bigger games before getting too excited (not his fault how the fixtures have fallen) . But overall I think you’re right - a few GWGs might give you some MB/PB combos where it could get very rewarding

  • Pogba is on fire.

    Lots of MB wins this week (nothing unusual there), but now he’s delivering In Play dividends and potentially PB dividends to that too!

    Long may it continue!

  • If I had to draw up a list who could challenge Neymar as the king of FI it would be...


    The end....

    Ronaldo & Messi are the past not the future.

  • @Valhalla it was cardiff and huddersfield. We need to see him dominate games against top opposition. He has proven that before in france world cup campaign and for juve. Very possible but for now im not going to believe it until he controls big games again like he has done before

  • @Finlay77

    In football terms that’s very true.

    But in FI terms, Neymar has made a fortune from winning PB against crap opposition in France! As long as Pogba delivers dividends, I don’t mind who it’s against.

  • Exactly, that would mean rashford is useless becuase he didn’t score today and similarly aguero is a waste of time becuase he didn’t score against Leicester.

  • @ocs123 yes i know what you mean against crap opposition with neymar, he has done in top games too though. I feel midfield is alot harder to dominate pb, neymar fits the fi scoring matrix like a glove. Does pogba? Its always about dividends whether you are a mb holder, pb or longterm growth. Cant deny pog is a machine. No doubt he hits £14 before the week ends!

  • Winning MB now aswell

  • It’s days like this that make FI so good, when mourinho got sacked I lumped on pogba while everyone else was selling. Spent a few days shitting myself incase I had made a terrible decision but it’s paid off. This isn’t a brag, I have made many a terrible trade, more a message to trust your own instinct and ignore the scaremongering that happens on twitter and slack. I actually think you get the most honest opinions and less agendas on the forum

  • @Wilba now you see everyone going crazy on him. Would you sell to make a nice profit or continue to hold? He is out of my price range at the minute

  • @NewUser219369 said in POGBA- the new FI King? 👑:

    @Wilba now you see everyone going crazy on him. Would you sell to make a nice profit or continue to hold? He is out of my price range at the minute

    I’m going to hold because there’s every chance he will dominate media for the next few days, worth the risk imo.

    Nothing to stop him continuing to rise if he adds PB to his game

  • In Solskjaer's two games, Matic and Pogba have delivered big scores, even Herrera has. Their two touch knocking it about is racking up the points for centre mids.

  • @Wilba would be madness to sell with a split round the corner...

  • @Wilba i have zero interest in whats said on twitter or facebook pages. Definitely all about their own agendas. I love this forum, of course everybody mentions players they have, its natural but this place 99% of the time is genuine and full of good people. You get the odd fight or out of control debate but hey, would be boring without them! This is the best forum ive ever been on. Long may it continue

  • If things stay as they are now ( ie PB and MB scores) will POGBA get 18p of dividends 8 + 5 + 5

  • @NewUser156205 Its a treble day.

    Today's Payouts:
    Top Fwd: £0.12 ⚽️
    Top Mid: £0.12 🎯
    Top Def: £0.12 🛡️
    Star Player: £0.06 ⭐️
    Media: £0.05 📰

    So 23p

  • @Misto wow. And people question Pogba's value

  • @NewUser156205 Pogba holder have got 88p on there shares today plus the 23p as well.

  • Don't have, but considered, then I'dhave received 88 + 23 + 5 g&a

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