POGBA- FI King 👑

  • @Gazz127 A lot rests on the Barca game if you can keep the crown longer this time.

  • @Misto Your right he needs a performance as his price reflects his and Man u's recent form.

  • Anyone remember wonderkid Rashford?
    Since announcement restart I believe he is down a penny!
    How the mighty have fallen.

  • @Gazz127 Simply because he's out of form in the last month or so since his ankle injury and he isn't likely to have a transfer this summer so no media buzz. Still a great long term hold in my opinion.

  • @Sacred He could come good in the UEFA Nations League. MB will be all over that for about 1 week running into it and during than if England win with just UK media for MB God knows maybe all the way though the summer.

  • 👑...........roll on midnight.

  • Poggers is the most infuriating player in the prem. when he can be bothered, like after Mourinho sacking, he bangs in goals for fun and cleans up MB and PB. Now he’s slipped back into lazy mode again 😐

  • @Valhalla bit harsh mate, they played a much better team last night, Utd actually played pretty well in 1st half, we're just not good enough, i could see that Pogba was really trying, he had 2 or 3 players on him all night in dangerous areas.

  • @Andy-M I actually didn’t see the game. It’s just after he finished making his point after Mourinho got sacked, he’s slipped back into comfort mode. When he try’s, he’s unbelievable. Would just like to see him try more often.

  • Ever since marquihnos man marked him and kinda shut him down teams have been doing similiar. Or at least getting tight really quickly.

  • I’ll just leave this topic here...

    To anyone who sold their Pogba futures, shame on you. Never sell a Pogba!

  • Serious consideration....

    I have a 25k Porfolio (16k total deposit since August 2018). Currently hold 500 Pog. I am seriously considering going all in on the Pogenator for the summer media madness. Thinking is:

    The mans gonna win media
    Generally I would spread it around alot more (currently 30 players), but he aint playing so he aint gonna injured or play shit and drop much
    Honestly thats about it

    So we would be talking about 3200 Pog shares. Anyone else holding at this level? Anyone else considering going all in on the main man pogz?

    Insults/Encouragement/dismissals/bombshells welcome :)

  • @NewUser168190 Way too risky to go all in. He could still go to real madrid and his price would tank as he'd lose the majority of mb value when in spain.

  • @NewUser168190 Could go either way although yes he wins mb for catching a cold so may be a good move.

    Myself I sold my few Pogba shared a couple of days ago so yes missed out on last two days rises but I feel relieved to tell the truth.
    So many safer bets sub £1 so I am happy.

    But the man has his backers and you cannot deny he delivers in the mb stakes.

  • @LuaLua

    Point taken. For me the risk would be if he goes to Real early in the window, but i dont think thats likely... as long as the saga can drag on into July there would be plenty of time to properly execute an exit. To be clear I dont like him as a player at all, and under normal cicumstances wouldnt go over the 500 ive had since the share split... but.... hes not playing! You think he'll go early in the window if he does go?

    Cheers for the thoughts

  • @NewUser168190 Doubled up on my Pogba shares in the last week or so.

    At the end of the day it will all come down to whether you believe he will be at United come the start of the season. I'm 95% sure that he will sign a new contract before the season starts and very possibly be offered the captaincy too. The fact United are in the EL increases his chance of dividends next season as well imo. Lesser opposition in that competition and more Sunday games should = more PB.

    All in would be crazy though!

  • @NewUser168190
    No idea. More likely to be late with all the raiola stuff howeve united wouldnt want to gurantee a sell early so they know how much they cna spend on others.
    No idea tbh. I think he stays personally.
    Still a way too risky hold to go all in on.
    No risk no reward tho.

  • @NewUser168190 Hi mate, I'm not sure if you're aware, but I'm always bigging Pogba up, BUT please don't put all your eggs in one basket, doesn't matter who it is, just don't even go there.

  • @Andy-M said in POGBA- FI King 👑:

    @NewUser168190 Hi mate, I'm not sure if you're aware, but I'm always bigging Pogba up, BUT please don't put all your eggs in one basket, doesn't matter who it is, just don't even go there.

    Exactly. You never know what might happen. Look at poor old Sala.

    Personally I never have more than 5% of my port in one player, and my average is 1%.

  • @Andy-M 👈🏻agree with this man. I am POG number 1 fan. I have made maybe £1000 divs from the man. I started this thread for Christ sake. I would happily shave his face into my chest hair if I had any. But, and I hate to say it.....I sold my pogs
    Tbh if I knew for certain he would stay at Utd I would have kept them and ridden the Pog train in to the sunset. And lets be honest, he will probably make a killing in MB this summer. But the risk that he could fall from £20 to £15 (old money) is too great if he leaves for Real. His MB could all but dry up. Someone interestingly pointed out that he earnt zero MB before he came to United. That was the chilling thought that kept me awake at night 😐

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