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  • I’ve been in Cardiff watching the rugby today, why the hell has pogba become so cheap? It’s getting to topping up price or am I missing something?

  • @Mr-Random-number I would say your unsuccessful mate as your the one thinking of leaving fi when u can make a killing

  • @ChazFI123 little twisted ankle

  • @ChazFI123 He's a media king no doubt but pretty much a footballing clown these days as his mindset just does not seem right to me.
    Maybe slightly unkind words but as a holder I am wanting much more on the pitch.
    Do I want to top up at his current price?🤔

  • @Gazz127 after watching the first 4 games, his attacking output this season is going to be so restricted, due to the fact he is sitting as a 2 every game rather than being the more attacking of a 3 in the midfield. I am so on the fence as a united fan wherever to top up or not, however the thing that is in pogbas favour IMO is that if united of well the press would say it’s because of him, and if they do poorly, it would be the same

  • So look what's just happened to neymar on confirmation that he ain't going to Barca... Hope you've cleaned yourself up for the ride. Poggy next

  • @Vespasian32 Looks like Pog, Rashford, AWB, Kimmich, etc have to some extent been dumped for some of that Neymar rise😉
    Hopefully some of that money goes Pogbas way in a couple of days.

  • @Gazz127 pogba and rashford slumped at full time. Think the same for kimmich.

  • @Jdog said in POGBA- FI King 👑:

    @Valhalla I had it when people say oh people are starting to lose money. well u aren't unless u sell when they go down which is stupid. my portfolio is suffering atm from Pogba and Neymar being at their lowest for a while. Am I worried- no. will they go back up. for sure. are they both still good gholds with ca and potential pb and guaranteed mb- yes. its childish to say oh I'm losing money on this player when they get injured or something because of course your players value will go down when they are injured or playing bad- that's why its football index and not just normal trading in shares u have no idea about

    Couldn’t agree more. The whole point is sometimes they go up and sometimes down. But over the course of a season historical data shows most players double in value. You gotta take the rough with the smooth. As I’ve said before, the big investors on FI with £400k+ portfolios didn’t build those portfolios by bailing out and panicking every time they saw a bit of red. They saw the long game and ride out those little storms into big profits. Even ppl with humble portfolios can take a leaf out of their books.

  • @Mr-Random-number
    According to your profile you’ve only been on here 2 months ❗️I’m still adapting to this ‘ever changing’ platform after 11 months

    Majority of users on here,study & work at their portfolio & they are successful 💰💰

    If it doesn’t suit you on here....take urself off to online roulette or go to ‘bingo’ wit grannies

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