Is the release of 50 players a day making FI a better product ?

  • A lot of threads with a lot of opinions on this so just want to consolidate that into a simple poll.

    Very simply, if you think it is making FI better upvote the YES reply, if you think it's making it worse upvote the NO reply (don't downvote either as I think this removes the post).

    Also, please don't write anything to qualify your vote in this thread. There's loads of others with some really great opinion but the purpose of this thread is solely to get an idea of the numbers on each side of the argument.

  • --- YES ---

  • --- NO ---

  • Honestly ... sometimes you have to question evolution theory.

    How has the race evolved to the point where people have started threads like this so that they can get their Like counts up. Your Mum doesn't give you a packet of sweets if you get in the favourite posters list you know.

  • Its a no from me.

  • No.......

  • Abstain (too soon to evaluate)

  • No from me too.

  • No from me

  • yes from me

  • No. I have no money invested in the game at the moment and have withdrawn everything. I feel they should only give PB and MB to players ranked in the top 200. Any player should be allowed to fall out or rise into the top 200 however without relegation or promotion based on his price, and all players outside the top 200 should be listed and available to purchase from the Squad. If the player from the squad rises into the top 200 then they should be allowed PB and MB. In short they should basically do the same for PB as they already do for MB. Just give it to the top 200 players.

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