Christian Pulisic!!!!

  • So many contrasting media reports in the last couple of hours.
    Either way... surely going to rise as a result tomorrow morning. Time to get on board 🚂

  • Kiss of death Lol

  • Agreed, about to soar I think, especially pre share split as will look a snip if it goes 4 ways. BILD say he is off to Chelski.

  • @NewUser219103 said in Christian Pulisic!!!!:

    Kiss of death Lol

    Not this time lol

  • @NewUser162554 up 24p since my post. Surely still plenty of potential to rise. Can’t help but think he is slipping under the radar because Dortmund are on a winter break and the transfer isn’t due for completion until the summer.

    Agreed about the share split. Going to be flying at potentially £1.25 a future. Huge MB/ PB potential and significant room for Capital growth at 20 years old.

    Very much hoping it is a transfer to Chelsea too.

  • Definitely gone under the radar recently - phenomenal talent and buzz potential if he moves to Premier League.

    He’s not been getting many minutes recently (I’d guess due to him pushing for a transfer and also Sancho’s form) so hasn’t really had chance to shine.

  • I only hold a couple of futures as wanted to keep an eye on him, but one hell of a rise this morning!

  • My problem with Pulisic is there will probably be a drop after he joins a Premier League side. He’s got potential but he’s just not that good yet. Just 4 goals and 5 assists in his best season. Sancho at two years younger is not far from doubling that return already this season.

    He’s definitely not good enough to start at Liverpool (Salah, Mane, Firmino, Shaqiri would be ahead of him) and probably not Chelsea (Willian, Pedro, Hazard) so maybe Arsenal is the best place for him.

    He’s young of course so this may be different in a few years, but is his media pull going to be enough to cover the fact he is unlikely to be challenging for PB for a while?

    Especially when similar aged and priced players like Bailey, Havertz and Jovic have shown more PB potential and would still have big moves to look forward to.

  • @PB-man disagree, he would get in that Chelsea team for sure. Willian and Pedro won't be there for much longer.

  • I have already brought and sold. It’s up to everyone else now to decide where his value lies, getting to the point in terms of price of some very good players and higher than some
    . Also his media at the moment is not that attractive, only 80 points this morning on the ‘big’news.

  • I'm not a fan of him.... 👎 This generations Landon Donovan (without the goalscoring prowess)

  • @NewUser162554 not sure about that they are both better players as things stand (and also not big PB or Mb players).

    Would need both to go to be first choice unless Hazard stays in this false 9 role which would require Chelsea not buying a striker or never playing Giroud/Morata. Then you have CHO who doesn’t look ready yet but is demanding minutes as well.

    His output hasn’t been good enough for a team with Chelsea’s aspirations to make him first choice unless they aren’t planning a title challenge for a while. Look at who City (Mahrez, Sterling, Sane), Liverpool (Mane, Salah, Shaqiri) and even Spurs (Son, Lucas, Alli, Lamela) and United (Martial, Rashford, Sanchez) have available in the same positions.

  • Chelsea’s interest in him is to replace Hazard for next season - his transfer to Madrid is pretty much inevitable.

  • @Chris-J can’t see him as Hazard’s replacement, Eden has scored as many league goals this season as Pulisic has in his career. Has to be as a rotation option/ long term replacement for Willian and Pedro otherwise Chelsea are just giving up on competing with Liverpool and City.

  • I have to agree in that i think the current price is more than generous. I have made a tidy margin on this one so time to cash out for me. as @Tom77 said - there has been a fair deal of transfer talk but no big scores. Also the lack of game time at the moment doesn't help his cause. Not to say there isn't more scope for a rise but i would be a bit cautious about getting too carried away with this one.

  • @PB-man There is no like for like Hazard replacement - they are buying potential for sure (and it’s a great commercial move in buying the USA’s rising star).

    Pulisic is still only 20 so has time to add goals to his game. He had a great scoring record at youth level when he played in a more advanced role.

  • @Chris-J it could take years for Pulisic to even approach Hazard’s quality. Might make commercial sense but from an on pitch perspective that swap is a huge step backwards.

    Would also be an odd move with Sarri at the helm. He ignored many a promising young player at Napoli (Zielinski, Rog, Ounas) in favour of playing the same 11 every week.

  • @Chris-J happy for chelsea to have pulisic if it means liverpool get thorgen hazard. Pulisic doesnt do anywhere near enough the games ive seen him in

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