Cengiz under

  • Just wondering if many on here hold him? I’m finding that his price refuses to move even regardless of performance/transfer links.
    Another goal, assist and big pb score today and not even a penny rise. Have I missed something (new contract etc).
    Would’ve expected at least a small rise particcularly with g and a dividends. By the way, I do hold but not a pump... intend to sell when he hits the premiership

  • ???

    His price has increased from £2.20 to £3.20 in three months. That's about a 30% increase which is huge. He has risen in the last month - not much but he's still risen which isn't bad seeing as a lot of players in that price range have fallen.

  • It’s not bad at all.... but is that it now? I’ve only been here a month or so and still trying to figure out what moves prices.
    A goal, assist, good score, prem links= 0 movement.
    Sanchez not kicking a ball since I bought him 70p increase. Takes a bit of working out who will move and who will drop/stay steady

  • Yeah I have him and got him early - 90p up so far.
    I will continue to hold as he has now scored 180+ 5 times. And he is being scouted by PL clubs.

  • Im pretty certain he will end up at bayern in january or the summer.

  • If he starts at Bayern he will score huge PB. If he goes Prem he has a chance of MB. Only thing that scares me is if he stays at Roma to be honest

  • I think he is outgrowing roma already like salah did. His being turkish would be ideal for him with a large turkish population in munich, settle in quickly, and bayern desperate to replace robben and ribery. Gnabry is good but not a staple first teamer for me, cengiz and brandt could be the two they want.

  • As an Arsenal fan I’m still hoping he joins us, would walk into the team. As a trader... I’m really not sure what is best, probably Bayern

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