venturing outside the PL for players

  • having cut losses following the 2nd share split ( Bale, Varane, Asensio) have managed to find the time to look into some up and coming players outside the PL and have bought into the following for at least £1 per share profit and bonus dividends - any thoughts on any others which may be worth a look ?

    LA Liga Maxi Gomez, 2.53
    Serie A Duvan Zapata, 1.52
    Bundesliga Sebastian Haller 2.14

  • For me it's Yussef Poulsen. I recommended him and Alcacer before but Alcacer has since gone up 23p so slightly less chance for the big increase. Once the Bundesliga restarts I can't see why Poulsen wouldn't be at £1.60+.

  • Check the bundesliga players one month charts and you can see what they will probably hit again. 50p-70p drops. Haller is a very clever player who allows jovic to take alot of glory. Yet haller scores and assists almost every week. Great partnership and very good hold. The likes of kramaric, lewandowski, brandt, plea, hofmann, all will rise when the games come back

  • Alcacaer and jovic will be up before you know it.

  • @Finlay77 I very much agree with you. Brandt is hideously well regarded on the continent so his price seems more than fair when you compare with other midfielders.

  • @NewUser731 yeah good profile and good scope for growth, thanks for heads up- happy trading !

  • Haller is doing really well at the moment - he's up to £2.41 but cant fond any reason why ? any ideas ?

  • @TheFearlessFox Perhaps because the share split could happen in January and buyers and snapping up these players at bargain prices in anticipation. He would be 60p after the split if it’s 4 to 1. Those low prices would likely boom as they did with the last split 2 years ago. People selling up now with any decent prospects must really need the money.

  • @TheFearlessFox for smaller accounts, if you are building up to or straight up buying 25 haller or any player for that matter, he turns into 100 futures if it splits 4 ways. Leave that player alone with pb and g@a in effect and at 60p you will see big rises on a big amount of players. doesnt all have to be about neymar

  • @TeamGB Hi, Yeah it looks like the news about the 2019 share split has been very productive from a marketing perspective from Adam !!......all these three have risen rather unexpectedly - Maxi Gomez is now flying also.....
    Ive biught into Moise Kean at Juve also - think there may start transfer speculation from him as he is looking to get more game time.

    As a LCFC nut, I am hoping Kean or Gomez are in the mix to be playing for us !!! good luck in your trading....

  • ![alt text](0_1547294336449_upload-9c751b13-1a23-441e-b70d-fad68fac7948 image url)

    quick update on the venture entering in the euro players - very happy so far with the progress ( pre share split also as a bonus,,,,,)……… thanks to all the input by fellow traders also in assembling these players......this forum is really taking off with quality input !!! happy trading folks.....

  • Zapata has rocketed today with 4 goals !! Anyone else punted on him ?

  • Will be updating on this shortly, definitely not reached target of £1 a share profit per player but nevertheless all players showing a healthy green plus £25.10 in dividend payouts......

  • ![alt text](0_1554109413420_euro players 1.png image url)

    so here the numbers post share split...

    28/12/19 Original spend = 518.70
    01/04/19 - Portfolio value = 901.75

    Gross profit TD = 383.05+ various dividends = 26.10

    going to be sticking with this lot for the forseeable future, very happy with Moise Kean and think Seb Haller is going has potential to be a special player, would love to see him at LCFC..

    Zapate picked up £6 in divi payouts last night after his double for atlanta yesterday, another player whom i think has not reached his full potential on the Index....

    Happy trading folks.....

  • So 4 months on and have prepped the portfolio for this coming summer this morning - very content with a £1.6 profit only valued portfolio to ride this summer. Porftolio remains heavy with Liverpool/Barca Players whom have gone long in CL and respective leagues so still time to cut losses with Coutinho and Firminho in particular.....

    Extremely happy with the purchases of the european players, notably Kean whom tripled up.....some great divi returns with Zapata and Haller being stand out.....

    Happy trading folks....will be keeping a close on eye this summer, not expecting much to be honest in terms of MB and big transfers so all geared for a post August buy in again.....happy trading folks !!!


    0_1555758756070_pre summer portfolio.png

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