Max Aarons

  • Being a Norwich fan it is great to see one of our own get on here.

    Just wondering how many people are holding on him right now, I've got a few on him and he seems to be rising well... Keep or sell?

  • I think that depends on your level of patience. Unless he moves to the premier league in January he has no dividend prospects for the medium term.

    And I have looked at his price just now and he's trading at the same price as PSG's Thomas Meunier who is one of the most accomplished defenders in Ligue 1 and an effective attacking force to boot.

    So if you want potential returns over the next six months and you have £20 to spare to buy 10-11 futures, I'd go for Meunier (for example). However, this Aarons kid is widely acknowledged to have a big future ahead of him and talented kids do tend to explode in price when they get linked to bigger things, so if you're prepared to hold out for bigger returns in the summer and beyond then maybe go for it? No guarantees though...

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