Robert Skov

  • Blatant pump - but surprised more people ain't looking at this guy.

    18 goals in 20 games in the Danish superleague is no mean feat for any striker.... But he's a right winger!! 😱😱

    And 22. Surely if I've spotted him some scout in the PL must be onto him?

    Leicester, Watford, Brighton, Newcastle - where are you?

    If not, then why not? - and give me a scouting job instead! 🙄

    He'd be bought for about 5m - where's the gamble?

    Oh, he's £1.08 a share 👍

  • £1.12 now...

    Hands up - who's had a nibble?

  • Never heard of him but I think even if he’s playing well in Denmark, the defences in that league are worse than Holland. Also, what if he doesn’t want to leave Denmark because of family, etc. He would never win PB or MB. Until he’s solidly linked to a PB league then I wouldn’t personally touch.

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