• Anyone know when will Paulinho be added ?

  • Technical fault.

    Seems a very strange excuse, personally I'm wondering whether it's due to it being a very popular name thus causing MB problems should another come along.

    So you'd think they could use Paulinho Junior but you can imagine the uproar on that name never being mentioned in the media.

    The only long term resolution to what will no doubt cause problems in the future is a smoother Media cleansing mechanism which might not be ready yet.

  • @Agatello this is some kind of a joke . First Paulinho and now Jorginho .

    What is the point of putting them on the list if they not going to put them on

  • Realised they were being released too cheaply?

  • I'm not the only one who can't find jorginho then?!

  • I don't want either of them but this is very odd

  • They've said on Twitter that it's a technical fault and that unless something drastic happens with them the price won't be changing.

    In fact I think Jorginho should be cheaper with Italy potentially missing the world cup :-/

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