Huge Potential in Doucouré?

  • I think it was stated by a previous poster, but even at the 85p mark Doucouré looks huge value when you compare him to the value of his teammate Richarlison.

    Doucouré is getting rave reviews at Watford and has already notched 4 league goals this season, the same has Richarlison, currently valued at £1.64.

    He may not have that nice Brazilian name like his teammate but I feel he has real potential to grow both short term and long term.

  • Value how?

    Will he win PBs? Doubt it

    Will be win MB? No

    So he may develop into an ace player and get a transfer to a bigger club, then I'd expect him to grow. Is that what you're aiming for?

  • @NewUser56882

    Yeah definitely as a long term investment, I am aware there is a ceiling of sorts when playing for a club like Watford, I just feel his performances are well worth a bigger move and also a bigger price on the short term.

    To score 4 goals from midfield in 9 appearances is no mean fete for a side like Watford, so people will take notice.

  • Richarlison plays wide in a front 3 he's a forward. Doucoure plays deeper he's a midfielder

    They've both scored 4 goals but Richarlison has had lots more chances and also has 4 assists to 0 for Doucoure

    IMO Richarlison has more upside not least because at 20 he's 4 years younger than Doucoure

    Not saying Doucoure is a bad player btw but I doubt he'll keep scoring at the same rate as Richarlison

  • Please don't take offence if i am mistaken but i was wondering if sometimes people start a thread to big up a particular player so people go out and buy them so the person that started the thread can then sell for a profit.? I've new to this game but have noticed a few threads are being started headlining random players......

  • Hi mate,

    I understand what you are saying, I am new to this game too.

    Personally, its more of a reassurance thing. I feel like, am I missing something here? Or is he good value at the moment?

    In honesty I wouldn't have thought the forum gets much traffic to have an affect on the market anyway.

  • I think both are overpriced and nothing more than speculative holds

  • @Harmonica

    Twitter is a minefield for it

  • Yeah totally agree, I landed him at a decent price but didn't flip him as he's a goalscoring action man. Watch the PB divs roll in ;-)

  • His Avg PPG are very good so I expect him to have a very good baseline and if he lands a GWG which he's very capable of then I'll be a very happy man.

  • The more I see of Doucoure the more impressed I am - strong player in centre midfield who's holding his own against and even outplaying some much bigger names - and he's definitely got an eye for goal - so I'm now holding Doucoure and Richarlison ;-)

  • I've watched Doucoure a few times and I love Richarlison so invested heavily in him but this guy is a monster in midfield. He won't win MB, he won't win PB but what he will do is consistantly play well in the EPL and by the end of the season both he and Richarlison should be looking at very lucrative moves to top six clubs. Which will of course have a huge impact on their rising value. I wouldn't put all my eggs on him but will certainly have a few in my basket!!!

  • @dannypea Doucoure won't win PB? I'll have a gentleman's wager with you he does before the end of the season!

    However I agree that he's primed for a big move! To Arsenal would be my bet much to my dismay.

  • Not that many goals though. Over rated imo

  • @Porky not that many Goals? He has a 1 in 3 Strike Rate this season for Watford. That's a great Strike Rate for a midfielder.

  • @MrFrenchTickler not as good as salah

  • @Porky why is he being compared to Salah? To compare the 2 is completely ridiculous they are totally different players who play in different positions. A 1 in 3 Strike Rate is good for his position.

  • @MrFrenchTickler said in Huge Potential in Doucouré?:

    @Porky why is he being compared to Salah? To compare the 2 is completely ridiculous they are totally different players who play in different positions. A 1 in 3 Strike Rate is good for his position.

    Nah its not

  • @Porky why is it not? He's a central Midfielder who has also played quite a few of his games as a Defensive Midfielder. Name any other players who are playing primarily in that position and scoring as frequently as him.

  • @MrFrenchTickler freddy adu

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