New Year's Resolution

  • I joined at the begining of October, as soon as FI became available to Irish based customers. Since then I have tinkered a fair bit with my portfolio, and consequently paid out a fair bit of commission and IS players too. I now have exactly 2000 shares spread over 19 players, and with a current portfolio cost of £10,100(current valuation £10,561). I promised myself at the beginning that I would give it 6 months, and pull out my funds at Easter if it appeared that it wasn't for me. However, with the impending share split, and the fact that I have foregone over £400 in commission and IS players to get to today, I am challenging myself to sit on my portfolio, and avoid temptation to sell(and buy elsewhere). I wonder what date in January I will break my resolution 😂
    Ps Happy New Year to all traders, and good luck for 2019!!!

  • @CraigM I bet the 2nd

  • Temptation is always too great but at least try to limit yourself either to a certain value or valid reason for whatever you decide to churn.

    ISing almost anyone to invest into Pogba on the Mourinho sacking dip would have been a valid & very profitable strategy as he's now over £4 higher!

    Patience is the hardest lesson to learn on FI but it tends to pay off in the end but there's no right or wrong way to make to money on here.

  • @NewUser159387 Agreed. As with any new venture, it takes a bit of time to get your head around it, and none of us should beat themselves up over missing tricks with certain players, etc, and a bit of experience is needed. The key is to have sound reasons for buying, selling, or swapping shares in players. None of us will have a 'perfect portfolio' but diversity, patience and a valid strategy are key to not throwing away dividends earned and cheap selling players in a knee jerk way, and gifting funds back to FI cheaply. Onwards and upwards 😉

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