Solanke dilemma

  • Is he good enough to do well at Palace and see his price go up or should he be sold now? That’s what sorts out the good traders I suppose.

  • Wow @237 I don't follow him but would sell as quick as possible - I was looking for him in the squad list thinking he'd be around £1 given his recent history.

  • Depends which way you look at it, if he starts well for palace and scores a couple of goals the hype will be crazy linking him back to Liverpool, if he struggles early on it could be a tough time for holders

  • That’s it. He is a bit of an unknown quantity with him never having a long run in a team. Could score loads and his price rockets or could be crap.

  • I don’t hold but I would keep if I had him. Rewards out weigh the risks

  • Take the profit now and invest in someone a bit more proven for G@A, imo, I’ve been pumping Vardy a bit if you like but he is £1.14! Why bother with Solanke at the moment.
    Crystal place are rubbish and I could easily see Roy putting Solanke up top on his own and that could be bad for him.
    (Remember T Abraham last year at Swansea, he looked awful but that was prob swansea tactics.)

  • Not sure he'd start ahead of Zaha and Townsend anyway.

  • Depending on how many shares you have, you could sell some and keep some. That way you release some profit but also gamble in case he starts well.

  • A goal early on in his next move will surely send him on an upward spike

  • Looks he may be going to Schalke now instead...

  • Breel embolo is only 1.32 at Schalke, cant really see Solanke just removing him from the team.

  • Wish I had sold now. Price has gone down 32p in a day. Oh well. Win some lose some.

  • if he goes to Schalke could see that as quite exciting... a lot of young English players now finally realising that they're best opportunity to play top level football isn't always in England!!!

    That said the move to Palace looks to have broken down on fitness so whether we'll be looking later in the month that something goes through i don't know??? Certainly some upwards potential in his current price at 2.14 although he might fall further before he rises again??

  • Have you sold up yet?
    Apparently the deal with Crystal Palace is off due to fitness concerns, so he may struggle to get a decent move. Shame because he's a decent player.

  • I had him in the sell queue at £2.35, but pulled out when he went down to £2.19. Annoying. But I'm sure he will rise again at some point.

  • @kristiang85 I’ve lost loads on him today but won’t sell because he’s English and a striker and still got huge potential so his price will definitely rise again. Stay calm.

  • Solanke is a good finisher , strong and is just unlucky with who is in front. I havent heard about about him being unfit, could be palace bullshit there. Moving to schalke would be a great move. Mckennie speaks english obviously so would be a help and embolo just doesnt do it for me every time i watch him. They clearly dont want him just to sit on a bench. May a swell promote their own to do that. Interesting but not at that price.

  • @HUFCPaul assuming you didn't sell, his price obviously collapsed with his move however he will get linked with another club before jan 31st, his price will jump up and you can sell high. He'll start against Wolves on Monday in the cup (front 3 of Sturridge, Dom, and Origi) which could boost his price if he plays well (although no divis in the cup) and attract a premiership club. He's quality and scores goals, he's also nowhere near Liverpool's first team, so I'm convinced he'll get a (loan) move this month. I've just bought 200 with the intention of selling as soon as he gets a spike generated by transfer links...

  • @9stevo he's been getting bought for the last hour or so. move looks almost nailed on.

  • @Keegan's-Bluff thats what I thought, just going to wait and see now, worst case scenario i'll hold...

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