Oxlaide Chamberlain

  • What are people's thoughts as to what price he will end up at by the time he is fit to play? I got in early at £1.35 and have sold off in dribs and drabs but his price is still going up. Still sitting on a few but not as many as i would have liked!!

  • £3.60

    Current prices on Lingard and Dele Ali offer a reasonable benchmark.

    However if he's introduced in a Liverpool starting 11, or if he's called up to first England squad after returning...there will be a further rise.
    Looking at others and current prices I'd certainly hold out for £3.60, pretty sure he'll hit £4 though as his return might coincide with a few media buzz points. Clever bet may be to watch that space, sell when that story goes quiet.

  • There are better investments currently but Liverpool players are a good shout for consistent growth due to their title run in and likely Champions League progression.

    The Ox has a lot of competition for game time especially with Keita around.

  • He’s had a very very serious injury, I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole. He wasn’t even a good FI player when he was fit.
    Can’t see him getting in England team either, so many good kids about now,

  • @Chris-J you're right, he does have competition but with Liverpool going for the league and probably going far in the Champs league, and potentially the cups too they'll need to rotate. With Ox's experience I can see him being used a fair bit once he's back fit. I don't see him hitting the 4 quid mark but there is potential for a decent rise when he's fully fit. Looks like a few people are jumping on early in anticipation, and they'll see the biggest profits.

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