Serge Gnabry

  • Any reason why he’s 50p cheaper than Alphonso Davies. Surely he’s more proven. Still young and will be ahead in the pecking order.

    Confident Bayern will progress in the Champions League also. Definitely a £3 plus player.

    With the share split coming he will as it stands potentially be well under £1 per share.

    I’ve bought 50 at an average of £2.44, will buy more when I have free cash.

    This may seem a pump, but it’s more of a genuine question.

  • Is his place not at risk when J Rodgriguez returns from injury?

  • I was on him but sold after his latest injury a couple weeks ago.
    Gnabry & Coman are forever clouded by injury worries, and reason I assume why Bayern are thinking of throwing Davies into the first team squad and also chasing Odoi.

    If Gnabry gets over his injuries...he is a bargain

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