Top ten for 2019

  • Hi All

    Happy New year !

    Thought I’d compile a list of 10 players that I currently hold in my portfolio, who I feel will be very good holds with potentialy very good returns for the remainder of the season.

    1, Paul Pogba £16.85
    2, Sebastian haller £2.38.
    3, Luka Jovic £4.14
    4, Marcus Rashford £7.70
    5, Jadon Sancho £8.51
    6, Antony Martial £6.34
    7, Fedor Chalov £1.16
    8, Yussuf Poulsen £1.32
    9, Jonathan Bamba £2.19
    10, Leo Mothiba £1.36

    I’m keen to hear people’s thoughts and who your top ten players would be for the remainder of the season?

  • @NewUser165538 I'll just put the ones i hold from your list and hope you have a lot of luck in 2019.
    Pogba 🚀🚀🚀
    Martial 🚀🚀🚀
    Rashford 🚀🚀🚀

  • Below is something i posted 11 days ago and i have added a comparison of how the prices have changed since then.
    Its a tactic i have added to part of my portfolio and overall has netted me around £250 in that 11 day period

    i would be tempted to look for the growth of players which look like they will be making the step up from the championship to the premier league

    I have the following on my portfolio in the hope that they will rise over the next 18 months because of this

    Kemar roofe - Leeds £1.17 - Now £1.45 Up 27%
    Patrick Bamford - Leeds £1 - Now £1.11 Up 11% (Although he has been injured for the last 3 weeks but due back next week)
    Tammy Abraham - Villa £1.96 - Now £2.32 Up 15%
    Jack Grealish £2.45 - Now £2.42 - Down 1% (Although he has been injured for the last 3 weeks but due back next week)
    Mason Mount £2.93 Now £2.84 - Down 3%

    Im not necessarily saying these players but to consider the strategy

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