Joshua Kimmich

  • Hey Guys

    Just noticed that his price has gone up 18p in the last 10 mins !!

    Has there been any breaking transfer news relating to him? have i missed something??



  • I invested today but going to sell some I think to buy some pogbas

  • @NewUser145896 said in Joshua Kimmich:

    I invested today but going to sell some I think to buy some pogbas

    The most you could have made today is 20p a future. 2.62% profit (after commission .62%) if you can market sell. It’s a massive loss at IS.
    But, if pogba was is a good buy now, why wasn’t he a few hours ago?? Why didn’t you just buy straight into pogba

  • Just noticed that too. Perhaps someone just splashed out on a thousand ?

  • Some baller bought 2000 😂

  • @Wilba
    Yes 2000 I mean !

  • @Ringers I should have but I've done some more homework after my buy and there's reasons I'm going to sell then put in to pogba

  • surely his price will crash once his PB dries up when one of two things happen 1. he moves back to playing in defence, 2. he remains in midfield and OPTA reclassify him as such. His scores are unreal as he's a defender playing in midfield... or am i wrong?

  • you're wrong, he's had high scores playing both in defence and midfield recently. Does seem to score higher in midfield, but limited data. Only real consideration is if he gets reclassified as a midfielder at some point, but at the moment seems to be switching between positions often enough.

  • @Keegan's-Bluff If there's a re-classification people will not consider his high midfield scores there will be a sell off. As seen before with Marcelo among others.

    For anyone unaware Opta tell FI if a player has been re-classified - they don't decide themselves.

  • @AT10 yes exactly, his price/attraction will fall if he gets reclassified, although it should help his PB prospects to some degree (if he plays majority in midfield)

  • He is unlikely to get reclassed as he starts a lot of games in defence but tends to win pb when he starts in midfield. If they do reclass him it wont be anytime soon

  • Most of his PB wins recently have come from playing in defence. He’s just a very attacking wingback

  • Since November he's actually started more games in Midfield (6 to 5). He's won PB on 6 occasions over that period from both positions, which is pretty remarkable and has obviously been reflected in his massive price rise. Peak of 324 at RB, 234 at DM.

    Whatever happens, he's a PB beast at the moment.

  • How high do we think he can go? I’ve not got any of him but I’m thinking about it. He just seems to be a beast and always rising

  • Potentially £2 after the share split, his price will only go one way with pb scores like his.

  • He seemed to get a run at midfield when Alcantara was injured.

    Expect he'll stick to fullback in the main for now.

  • @Allams-Out in my eyes it’s better for his PB if he’s at fullback.

  • @Wino1 probably better chance of returns there but he's good enough to be in the elite on either position imo.

  • @Allams-Out that seemed to be the theory, but then they played alongside each other in Central Midfield in Bayern's last match

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