Portfolio booming past few days!

  • Just added up all net deposits = £3,800

    Currently on £4,540 and almost up to 20% ROI since joining the first week in September 2018.

    Increased by £300 over the last week though so that’s made a huge difference. I’m just wondering if this is due to the imminent share split or other reasons? I guess there’s been a lot of Premier League matches as well which has helped. All I hold are in that league.

    Anyways wishing everyone all the best with portfolios and life in 2019!

  • Do you hold Pogba? I have had similar growth based on him alone this week.

  • I got 54 of him at £15.50 last week. Biggest rise is on 350 shares in Brahim Díaz bought at an average of £3.06 and 200 Gibbs-White bought at an average of £1.67 couple months ago.

  • Almost exactly the same as me. Joined in September, similar amount invested and same ROI. Difference is the max I have in any player is 40 shares. So your player holding must be small compared to my 67. Just shows there's more than one way to make money at this.

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