Advice re Mario Balotelli

  • I'm after some advice please.

    What would traders do in my position with Mario Balotelli?

    I'm currently sitting on a 10p per share loss.

    Recent articles suggest that he's leaving Nice, but there's loads of contradictory articles about where he might end up.

    If he comes to the Premier League, would he go up enough to make the top 200 & be eligible for MB?

    Obviously a Premier League move would be my preference as a holder. But do we think a move to Serie A would lead to price rise or further decrease?

    Lastly, If he was to move to a none PB league how far would he drop from £1.35?

    I know that no one can say for certain, but some experienced traders might have a rough idea?

    I'm just trying to weigh up the currrent risk v reward of holding Mario.


  • @GarethG If he goes to China or MLS you're f****d. (Personally i think the latter is more likely)


  • @Ellisandro

    Agreed, clear sell - I held him for a couple of months but sold at a small loss as he appears finished as an FI player. Don't know his IPO price but that would be the floor take a look at Rooney or Ibra graphs to see the effect of moving to non PB eligible league on a one way ticket.

  • I would instantly sell and put the exact money you make into someone that fits my criteria at a similar price per share... just looking i think Ondrej Duda (£1.27) Pedro Porro (£1.25) Gaetan Laborde (£1.28) all offer less risky investments with better growth potential.

    Balotelli is a 'risk' of a hold and a 'gamble' simply due to his controversial nature and sporadic form.. Whereas I would predict slow growth over the time in the above i've mentioned I would predict equally as slow and painful falls from Balotelli... Maybe he can get an EPL move, maybe he can get up to £2 plus... But how long before it all ends in tears again??? I think even last season when he was scoring goals his price stayed relatively low due to the simple fact that people avoid him and in my opinion are right to do so!!!

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