Yannick Carrasco

  • Just seen a fair bit of money go into Carrasco, a quick Google search shows lots of links this morning with AC Milan but stories are all in Italian.
    Anyone on here with an eye on Italian football now if this is likely to happen?

  • I personally don’t see much value in him. He was never that great for Ath Madrid, he was also poor for Belgium in the World Cup, although he was played out of position.

    Could be wrong but at his current price it’s too much of a gamble for me.

  • I would be tempted but as he's a football mercenary i'm a little reluctant.... He plays football for money and not to win things... That just doesn't sit right with me...

    That said Milan are rumoured, if he does come back to Europe I think he would have certain PB potential and he nabs the odd goal so certainly think he could grow to £2 plus initially (he probably will regardless on a pump & flip basis)... I really rated him (as a promising player) at both Monaco and Atleti but maybe his career has gone backwards now??? Would want to see more form before I invest but certainly flippable based on transfer speculation!!!

  • I’m buying 40shares in him. What’s the worst that can happen 🤗

  • Carrasco has been one of my most profitable buys and I am still holding him. Even having gone up in price he still offers great value. You can see from my previous posts that I'm not one to overestimate what I think a player is worth. Every transfer window he will be linked back to europe until he moves back. Once he does, even prior to kicking a ball the market will have to value him at 1.80+ (comparing with someone like lemar at 2.11.) It just depends how patient you want to be in keeping money in him.

  • @NewUser731 Linked with Arsenal today! Still holding. Do we think his price would drop post move? I think it would actually go up!

  • @Ellisandro If he goes to the prem I would have thought he would be worth at least £2 but could easily be worth a fair bit more than that!! Nothing could be better for a player on FI than an Arsenal, Man Utd bidding war.

  • Linked to arsenal simply due to being a winger and they need one. Id say pavon to arsenal more likely.

  • @Finlay77 said in Yannick Carrasco:

    Linked to arsenal simply due to being a winger and they need one. Id say pavon to arsenal more likely.

    Nah, looks like we're bargain shopping this window.

  • @DanD ah right, is nelson recall viable?

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