Just for Fun - Pogba

  • What would Pogba have to do tonight to go number 1 on the FI?

    Come out the tunnel with a new hair cut and score 5 goals, each with a different dance. Then go twitter and mock JM.

    I know there is no chance on him becoming king tonight, just abit of fun.

  • Another 2 goals tonight and you will definitely see him get within touching distance.

  • I'm thinking he might wear leapord skin tights and gloves tonight during the game to ensure he takes top spot!!!!

  • His relationship with lingard proves more than a bromance as the two openly come out of the closet as the first gay couple in football. leading to MB win nearly everyday and Jesse lingard soaring above 10 quid

  • @Rufio90210 Nah no chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone knows Lingard and Alli are already an item!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  • Pogba going down in price now. Any idea why people are bailing out before his game tonight? Doesn't make sense as he could win dividends.

  • @NewUser83668 I think people may be selling some pogbas to get on some of the bundasliga players. I thought about doing same but I really believe by the end of the month he’ll be a lot closer to naymar so I just think it’s daft to sell him

  • @Barkez_86 Hopefully. But why not wait till after his match tonight? Dont you miss out on his match dividends for tonight if he wins any?

  • @Barkez_86 ??? he has dropped 8p , hardly much pmsl

  • Selling Pogba at the moment isnt a bad idea, theres a chance to get out at the top or a huge rise and bank some profits

    I am not selling and dont plan to any time soon as I believe there are plenty more divs to come, but can understand why some people would

  • @GI No its not. The point was why would people be selling before his match and losing on possible match dividends. Surely waiting till after tonight make more sense?

  • @NewUser83668 Unless they think his run is over and are excepting a pull back during the game.

  • @NewUser83668 after his last few games his price has sky rocketed, goals and assists on top of media buzz. I understand why some are getting out, especially if they were hoping for more media today when Pulisic will no doubt have it, but personally I can see further growth and dividends so I'll be holding for a little while yet.

  • @Misto Maybe thats it. Just seems stupid not too wait until after tonights game re: match dividends

  • Yeah, a bit of dip in media and I also think the Tottenham game is a factor. That will be the real test for Pogba. If he does well then it confirms his PB potential, if he doesn't, people will put his recent PB down to Mourinho going and playing poorer premier league teams. Personally I'm sticking with him because I'm already up so much, a bit of dip doesn't bother me but also, like @GregF said, I can see further growth as I believe he can be a constant PB threat if allowed to play more freely.

  • He scores a hattrick and rips his shirt off to show a massive branding across his chest (still weeping and possibly infected) saying “ Man Utd 4 life”

  • ooooh the old slogan vest under the shirt after he takes a 25 minute walk up penalty!!!! could be a winner for MB fans??? "SUCK ON THIS JOSE" with an arrow pointing below his midriff?

    That'll earn him some media points!!!

  • Pogba shows his true Man Utd colours today and bangs in a hat trick. One from his own half, one a volley from a corner and one with his own style of free kick. Each time he rips off his shirt to reveal vests with different slogans - 'why always me', 'welcome to Manchester' and 'The special one'. Gets booked 3 times, with no red card... Obviously he saves that for later when he pops his collar and fly kicks someone in the crowd.

    He'll also follow this up with a full page advert in the Manchester Evening News saying 'You're welcome'...

  • As much as I would love for it to continue, I think 3 games in a row will be a stretch.

  • @Valhalla I think a slogan saying "FI KING🤴🏿" would be nice. Even if he doesn't score. And then on the back "Jose can suck a dick"

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