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  • @NewUser220858 it looks like you are buying youre players when they are at theyre peak you really need to be looking ahead to fixtures a few days away before buyin players because i tend to see a lot of players go up in price either right before a game or off the back of a good performance and then a few hours later they drop drastically. If you buy at these times youre likely to get stung but worst thing u can do is panic sell.
    Look at the graphs and the trends and watch loads of football you might spot a player that has went under the radar

  • thanks for the advice everyone

  • How do people thing the share split will effect the market ?

  • @MrWh1te Id keep him as a long term hold. As i dont see him leaving villa now, So hes price will go down to start with but it will defo go up i think in the future.

  • @kristiang85 thanks for the advice, Think i need to diversify my portfolio a bit , my concern about European teams was they seam to struggle to get the media buzz.

  • @NewUser2410 Yeah I think so too. He is dropping off and that is to be expected now, but he will pick up in the future.
    I also expect Pulisic to rise too.
    I condensed my portfolio down this morning, getting rid of the crappy old players that I bought when I first signed up for no loss, so I can now start building properly. I am looking at getting 20 shares in each player from now on, but with each player being a quality pick. I am happy to plan for the long-term too and wont be chasing quick fixes and dividends

  • @MrWh1te said in [General buying strategy]

    I also expect Pulisic to rise too.

    I think the opposite.
    The chances of MB will go after today, he might not cling on tonight, Man City or Liverpool players will probably get it.
    There’s no media in the summer now the deals done.
    Dortmund will have to plan for a future without him so his game time will drop.
    There’s no certainty he’ll start at Chelsea, they have 8 months before he arrives, they could lose or buy new players (or have a new manager??)
    He isn’t good enough to build a team around, so they won’t be buying to suit his style.
    I see him slipping slowly down, with a rise again in late July. But it’ll be a while before he hits his peak price again.

  • @Ringers Like I said in this post yesterday. I think he'll follow a simlair pattern to Naby Keïta.

    @MrWh1te If you feel you made a bad buy, just sell. If not hold. Some people have said just wait and they will go green at some point, yes that is true most the time. However why tie money up in a bad pick waiting to claw back 10% so you sell in the green and feel you made a good trade, when you can use the money you have left in a better pick and make 30% on the same funds in the same time.

  • @Ringers I am looking at the share split also, it will bring him into the right kind of buying range. I am happy to hold as I don't have that much on him so it gives me a little interest in him whilst I learn fully how the market works etc and I can learn how to track properly.

    @Misto I don't think he is a bad buy, I certainly got him at the top end but am happy to use this investment as a way of learning.

    My bigger concern is Tammy Abraham. Not because I feel like he is a bad buy but because I just don't know what to do with him

  • @Ellisandro Oh no, sorry pal!! Your post reminded me of a mate who refused to watch the football unless the volume was on even and the Sky 'red button' had been removed from the screen lol.

  • @Mike_17 OK, that's a brand new level of weirdness that I can only aspire to.

    Very amusing.

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