• Re: Jarrod Bowen

    I'm glad to see others with the same thinking. How can this be sorted as he surely should be on the system.

  • I think it's a season to late for people looking to get a bargain. Being a hull fan he was one i have wanted to invest in as i beleive he can replicate robbo and big harry and go onto big things. But now with the tottenham link i can see him starting the index at a high price. Plus no chance he moves in jan. Be interesting to follow his price though if he gets added

  • arguably one of the most consistent players in the Championship... I think he will go on to play in the Premier League but at Bournemouth? Burnley? Watford perhaps? So if he does IPO at something like £2 I'll be wondering if he actually merits the value?

    If can get on for a quid or so however he might become interesting?

    Good player and one that i certainly think will hold his own in the league above.

  • @dannypea anything under the 1.30 mark i think is fair considering a jan move is highly unlikely. Don't think hes anywhere near good enough for teams like tottenham right now. He did start the season pretty poorly but so did every player lol. Grosicki is also an interesting one last time i looked he was mid 40p he will get a move in the summer also hes been right up there of late with bowen i can see him doubling if not more in price if he gets game time at a lower level prem club hes class on his day.

  • I like Grosicki but he is 30 now... maybe a move to Germany or a mid/lower Italian side would suit him and if so i can only think his price will rise but not that spectacularly i wonder? Certainly lowish risk but any moves outside a top PB league and he'll be wiped off the face of the earth for good!

    Good to see Hull hitting some form of late tbf as they looked dead and buried early on!!!

  • @dannypea just need to roll out FI in Poland and Grosicki would fly. They love him over there.

    He gets a bit of stick from some city fans for no other reason that he's your typical winger. Devastating when on fire, sometimes anonymous when not.

    They don't seem to realise that if he consistently performed to levels they expect of him he'd be worth 80 mil and playing for PSG or summat.

    You 'ull

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