Harvey Barnes

  • Rising nicely. Long may it continue

  • Pointless post? Lots of players are rising nicely. Long may it continue.

  • hopefully he will be back "home"at LCFC asap, he defo looks ready to give the PL a show of what he can do and we could do with some fresh faces to chip in with goals for a real push up the league and poss Europa positions...…..our squad is brimming with good quality talent and Barnes is looking he would fit in nicely......

  • @TheFearlessFox best player in the championship by a mile for me. Grealish will give him a run for his money on his day.

  • @TheFearlessFox He looks decent to be fair. Good record so far. You'll Probably recall him for next season. Got some good young players developing.

  • Agreed, great player with a lot of potential, that said Claude Puel is hardly the most adventurous manager so doubt he’d get much playing time

  • @Chris.RFC I can see why you think that, but I am hoping once we have the 40 points in the bag, he will ditch the persistent pickingof the 2 defence midfielders ( Mendy/Ndidi) and we can then play with the freedom to let the young players flourish. very excited for this 2nd half of the season.... Barnes will get chances I reckon if he is summoned back to the KP.....

  • @TheFearlessFox I don’t think he knows his best team still, for me Maddison is who you should build your team around as a number 10. Yet he moves him out to the left where he isn’t really utilised properly.

  • @Wino1 Maddison is not there physically yet imo, he visibility tires in the the last 30 minutes of the game hence he is regularly subbed - no doubt he has the scope but it is his first season in the PL and extremely happy how he is progressing.....the gulf between the PL and championship really kicks in hence why it will still be a tall order for Barnes to come good for us.....

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