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  • Hi all

    I'd thought I'd let you know about a project I've been working on for some months now. FI Manager - the first analytics dashboard for Football Index traders. Comments / feedback on a postcard please!

    FI Manager

  • This definitely takes things to the next level. The one question I have atm is on the Big trades tab. Are you just getting this info from the User Activity section on the FI platform? It's just I've scrolled back through the whole day and they're all grey. Also, a nice feature would be to have the big trades on the individual players screen showing just the trades for the selected player. All in all tough this is a superb effort and will help us traders no end!

  • Where are you getting the data from?

  • @Blue-Python Thanks for the kind words! Going to look into both of the points you mentioned. The trade stream grey thing is a known bug, will hopefully add all trades for a selected player by tomorrow. Anything else, please let me know

  • @NewUser87553 Everything is taken directly from the FI website - much in the same way Skyscanner collects flight ticket information from Easyjet/Ryanair etc.

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