Ajax sign Magallan... Someone leaving?

  • Basically yes. Ajax announced signing of central defender Lisandro Magallan today. Could that mean someone (de ligt?) Is leaving?

  • They tried to sign him in the summer, been long admirers of him, can’t see anyone leaving Ajax in Jan.

  • I dont think de ligt leaves in summer either. That team is exciting and he loves ajax. I hold but think they wont sell half their team just yet

  • seen this yesterday... my only worry about Magallan is that he's not yet played for Argentina and they aren't necessarily blessed in the CB category.... Good business from Ajax though with De Ligt now probably allowed exit for the right price.. I'll be more interested in the price rise/fall of De Ligt then i will be over Magallan but I do think it's a very good signing for Ajax... Maybe if the Dutch league was PB included I would be taking a look!!!

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