Buy low, sell high!!!

  • In the spirt of making a profit on here (which lets be honest is the purpose of the whole enterprise) I'm currently having a dig around looking for players who have fallen or are at a low point who look like there is potential to rise. With the winter break on in several of the major PB leagues I've looked at the following players who I'm hoping may start to rise

    Mertens and Insigne at Napoli, both look great players and both have been falling a long way. Napoli could well go far in Europe after falling out of the Champion League...
    Paulo Dybala had a big fall and Juventus one of the favourites for the Champions league.
    Alex Sandro and Miralem Pjanic as above.
    Mitrovic at Fulham, regular scorer and will surely get a move away if Fulham go down.
    Verratti PSG. Another who's been falling for a long time PSG have a high profile CL tie against Man Utd.
    Naby Keita big drop due to a couple of knocks and not being a regular yet. No doubting his quality and Klopp loves him, I can see him being key during the league run in and in Europe.
    Gini Wijnaldum he's crazily cheap given how vital he is to Liverpool's midfield, I know he's never going to be a PB or MB monster but surely worth more than his current price...
    Koke, key to Athletico's MF and has fallen about 50p from his hight point a few months ago.
    Toby Alderweireld, big fall recently, potential MB from transfer links and won PB the other day.

    Anybody got any thoughts on the above (they all seem good shouts for a rise to me) or any other ideas along a similar theme?

  • @9stevo koke and pjanic i see are at a very nice price now. Brozovic too. Muriel at 75p is great, turned milan down due to fiorentina telling him he will be a key player.

  • Paulo Dybala. £7.30ish down to £6.74.

  • I particularly like your Juve suggestions. I'd be looking there if I had spare cash at the moment.

    Rudiger at Chelsea has had a big drop recently, from £3.18 to £2.38. This is despite being excellent for PB at a team excellent for PB. In fact, he's even won PB today (only a single day I know) without scoring and without Chelsea winning, and his price has only gone up 3p!

    He is an excellent passer and has more goal threat than most CBs (1.1 shots per game on average, compared to 1 for Van Dijk and 0.5 for Koulibaly). At 25, I'm really surprised he's sunk so low.

    (Yes I own - I bought at £2.58 thinking him excellent value. He's even better value now, and I'd be topping up if I could.)

  • I’ve topped up Koke and Richardson today both a long way down on when I bought and expect them to rise again

  • Vardy and Ben yedder.

  • Coutinho on a dip as well. Not favoured in Barca 1st team due to Dembele form but will only be a matter of time before he scores an all important goal or gets linked to moves away and price will go back to where it was

  • Thomas Meunier - down to £1.76 starts pretty much every game for PSG at fullback or sometimes on the wing.

    Gets decent goals/assists and is guaranteed to pick back up once the fixtures return.

  • @Chris-J just read that Spurs are interested too!!!

    Swap deal with PSG for Toby??

  • Noticed yesterday he seemed to have bottomed out a little. A few invested and hopefully will move back up now.

  • Allan Saint-Maximin down to 1.71, the lowest he's been in the last three months. He'll be back up around £2 soon.

  • @Aaron-Fern Valid suggestion but a bit frustrated with him personally. I bought in pre-World Cup and still yet to see any dividends. Thought he would be the ideal MDD player as well...

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