Monday 13th Bargains

  • Bobby Tumbleweed coming in at 25p is the pick of tomorrow's bunch.

    Looks like there's some kind of issue at FI HQ with tomorrow's IPO's, they've tweeted that they were hoping to have them published at 19:30 which hasn't happened yet. Hope they get them out with enough time to research the little ferrets!

  • It's in and I've got a headache just reading that list :-) okay let's see what we can find out. First impressions Oyarzabal, Fornals and Grillitsch are names I've seen with decent stats over the past 2 weeks but not sure if their prices stack up yet.

  • ignore Grillitsch - must have been smoking something or seen a similar name :-)

  • Tough list to work from tonight although I think there's a real gem coming in @ 40p in Ihlas Bebou.

    Only 23 yrs old and 12 Goals and 13 Assists in 68 games as he's broken through the lower tiers culminating in 2 goals and 1 assist in Hannovers last 3 games including 2 goals in a 4-2 win over Dortmund. Hannover aren't doing too badly and at 40p there's huge potential over the next 3 years.

    Oyarzabal for Sociedad looks the most solid bet of the day even at £1 he's only 20 and knocking the goals in with the added bonus of the Europa League. Strikers seem to be the flavour of the day on FI recently so think this boy will fly out of the traps.

    The whole list is riddled with Europa League players and it's 2 players from Hertha Berlin who finish off what was a challenging search. Firstly, a youngster in 22 yr old Davie Selke, 27 career goals is a decent return considering he's came off the bench so much - he appears to be their go to man in the EL too, although their qualification is on a knife edge. Secondly, the old dog Kalou is coming in at 40p, he still knows where the net is and at that price you won't go far wrong even at 32.

    From the rest Pablo de Blasis could be worth a punt at 40p, Mainz aren't great but he's still a striker capable of GWG's.

    Krmencik is a player with masses of potential and a scary strike rate BUT at 85p that's a big price to pay hoping he catches the eyes for a move to a big league.

    Last but not least Fornals @ Villareal was one I recognised and compared to his teams mates Trigueros, Costa and Castillejo he's probably priced about right.

    If anyone else has spotted anything I've missed or has differing views please shout out!

  • Cheeky little rise for Bebou, large % but still remarkably cheap compared to who's around him in that price range.

    Based on the distinct slow down in purchasing today (IPO prices still too high ?) I'm reversing my De Blasis punt but still happy to go halfway on old man Kalou. At least 2 EL games to go with 36p up for Grabs plus he's capable in the Bundesliga all season whilst playing on offset days!

  • Having a punt on Locatelli, only 19yrs old and already broken into Milan 1st team :-)

  • Sociedad are my team on football manager and I can tell you Oyarzabal is going to be immense. In my 2nd season and Real Madrid are sticking their noses in!

  • Oyarzabal had a good game last night looked lively and set up Sociedad’s goal. Commentators said he’s got a release clause of 40m Euros and big clubs might be tempted

    Odriozola struggled a bit at RB glad I put him on my watch list rather than snapping him up in yesterday’s IPO

  • Yeah totally agree, Oyarza looked very good in the 1st half, didn't watch the 2nd.

    Glad I've loaded up on him.

  • @Dave-C The next Asensio...?

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