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  • With all the dross that is being added it's likely the top 200 will all increase as the market settles with the new set up. That in mind I can't see it being too long before we have the first £10 player although I'm putting it out there and think Neymar will be that player! Has 5 years on Messi, is playing in a league where he's guaranteed goals, he's the leagues biggest name so always in the media and there's already transfer talks of a bigger move. His price is increasing rapidly and only a matter of time before he surpasses Kane. What are people's thoughts on the FI reaching £10 and do you agree?

  • I think Kane will get there first. The closer we get to the summer the more we forget that England are crap and maybe just maybe Kane can 'spur' us on to World Cup glory, Football's coming home, Come on England!
    ...But Yeah Neymar is a decent shout as well.

  • @Stuart-H if transfer spec is right then neymar is going to real madrid so cant see him being as prolific there. If anyone to do it i would say him or kane though.

  • I'm pretty sure Messi will be the first, and it will be this season - once he starts winning a few 12-18p PB dividends and his contract situation gets more news. He's also likely to be the standout player for any World Cup PB (if this is a thing).

    Neymar will be £10 too before long, assuming FI continues at its current trajectory.

  • Age, ability, world cup impact and potential transfer speculation means Neymar for me. Having him in your portfolio is a must.

  • It all depends on who makes the next big career move....Neymar (again), Kane or Messi.

    I don't think we will see the £10 player until July/August time, traders are investing at a steady rate at the moment but once the World Cup kicks in then all hell will break loose....Neymar and Kane will probably get as high as £8.00/£9.00 around April/May time.

    Messi has nothing more to offer at the moment until he decides on his new contract which is in July 2018 but Neymar and Kane are keeping us on our toes at the moment with unpredictable media speculations....

  • Just following up my thread from 19 days ago... Neymar now surpassed Kane and Messi dropping daily. PSG will get to the Champions League final and by then Neymar will be up to £9 and then roll on the World Cup making him the first £10 player... Watch this space!

  • Messi has signed hasnt he?

  • Yes last weekend thats when he started to drop off.

  • @NewUser66152 so his price was based on a possible move away,?

  • I watched it last sat morning when news come out that he signed new contract the ass started to fallout of him so it must of been.

  • @Stuart-H The World cup could make Neymar into the £10 plus player but just depends who wins WC think its between France Brazil and maybe Belgium.

  • @NewUser101688 said in £10 player:

    @Stuart-H The World cup could make Neymar into the £10 plus player but just depends who wins WC think its between France Brazil and maybe Belgium.

    germany? as usual the talk of England getting an "easy" group. which is the worst thing for them. be better off with italy germany and brazil in their group

  • @NewUser101688 I think he'll become a £10 player regardless. People will buy for the MB alone. There's already speculation about a move to Real Madrid, this will be 10 fold once the season has finished.

  • @NewUser101688
    Agree. Belgium for me

  • No chance will Belgium win it! They’ve got less of a winning mentality than England have

  • I can't see FI hitting £10 until the World Cup but do think Messi, Neymar, Kane will be closest, then a long shot on a Mbappe or Hazard should they have a golden tournament and win the thing. The £10+ will hit a short peak though and drop post WC18 but definately provides enough incentive for me now to invest in one of those players on the basis that their value will soar during the World Cup.

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