When to sell transfer speculation players

  • Hi. (Newbie here, go easy)

    Just looking for some info. I've read alot online about buying players who are in the media as a method to building a solid portfolio however my question is when to sell? Before or after the transfer has gone through?

  • I believe buy the rumour,sell at the story

  • @NewUser227049 probably want to sell before the deal goes through to beat the mass sell off. Little bit like leaving the match early to beat the traffic 😉

  • @NewUser227049 227049.. that's a very high number, how recently did u join mate ??

  • @NewUser227049 @NewUser227049 probably want to sell before the deal goes through to beat the mass sell off. Little bit like leaving the match early to beat the traffic 😉 Also, in the future it’s worth posting on the “general discussion” page. This one is a bit dead ✌🏻

  • transfer flipping is a tough call... If buying a player that you think is going to get a move I would always give myself a growth target to sell at... ie 20p? 50p? £1... that way regardless of his price you'll have made the profit you want (the biggest way we get sucked in as traders is greed)...

    I've got out early before on players like VVD and watched them shoot up like crazy (as well as win dividends)... I got out late on players like Coutinho (keeping the dividends) and watched them fall alarmingly... Timing is essential.. Like Linford Christie once said... you should always go on the B of the bang...

  • @Andy-M if you click on the username it brings up the profile - 3 days ago

  • @NewUser227049 This is a really good question, I’ve been wondering the same recently as this is the first transfer window since I really started to trade on here. Looking through the responses so far you’ve got some insight from some really experienced traders with big portfolios.

    For my two penneth I’ve held some players for a couple of months now who I thought were nailed on for a transfer this window - Pulisic, de Jong and de Ligt being 3 examples. I assumed Pulisic would fly once he was transferred, so held him and watched his drop once it was confirmed. I sold at a small profit but it could have been bigger if I’d sold beforehand. I looked through lots of comments on here and decided to sell de Jong today. I feel I’ve made enough out of him to walk away happy, and although he may still rise further, it became a risk of a small rise vs a big profit loss (my opinion based on the Pulisic transfer). I’ve held de Ligt for now because I think there’s more to come.
    Basically, this whole platform is a gamble and the aim is to walk away in profit and happy with your trades. The longer you spend on FI, and the more you take in from experienced traders on the forums, the better you will get at knowing when to get out while the going is good. Remember it is better to go out in profit and regret missing small gains than to get greedy and walk away with losses.

  • Regarding players that sign pre contract deals, once it’s announced and the price drops, is this a good time to buy or will the price not start going up until nearer the summer when the deal is actually completed?

  • @Valhalla Always happens, just look at Adrien Rabiot he agrees to join Barcelona yesterday, biggest faller on the index today. Like you said get out before the news. Then if you believe in the player rebuy after the drop. Much easier said than done though.

  • Sell at the top of the rumour unless its a big star, eg if bale came back to the prem there would be Mb for days on end.

    No one gives a shit about Rabiot in England in all honesty.

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