Big Game Italy v Sweden

  • Would it be an idea to invest in any Italy players for comeback win?

  • Long term , the World Cup inclusion should add value. Short term if you're after a Media winning headline make sure you buy a player in the top 200!

  • I would not invest heavily on a player for this one match it's just not high profile enough (from UK perspective) to guarantee a media buzz winner.

    In fact, its never worth buying a player for the chance of one media buzz win.

  • Thanx for the info, is it only top 200 that will get MB? And do you think the price will rise enough to make even just a tiny profit? Say someone like Immobilie or Belloti... i would have thought that they might rise a tiny bit like 10p or something? But not sure i have this place sussed out yet lol, NNot sure day trades are possible?

  • @NewUser99647 it's a gamble more than an investment & don't forget the spreads, which hit potential profits

  • In this case, definitely more likely to have a net loss than a net gain (after commission). That's if your planning to buy and sell short-term. In the long-term, both Immobile and Belotti are not the worst holds because they are likely to have transfer rumours and have a (smallish) chance of winning PB.

  • Well, Italy were shocking, so that solves that one

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