Curious case of Tahith Chong

  • So Tahith Chong.....

    That Man Utd youth prospect with the mouthwatering highlight reels has been slowly creeping up for the last week as people cotton on to the fact he’s about to get his first team debut shortly.

    Ahead of the Newcastle game he had risen to £2.89, as the news he travelled with the squad on the bus broke he hit about £3.15 and quickly dropped again to £3 when it was confirmed he wasn’t in squad.

    During this quick ‘flippining’ I reckon FI made about £400 in commission as loads IS’d and paid about 7% in total to FI.

    Since then he’s risen further to £3.21 and there doesn’t look like anything will stop the Chong train as he travels along the track to that debut. I’m expecting/hoping it comes at Reading but if not it will be fairly soon.

    The way the market works, as soon as Chong is named in the squad his price will rise say 10-15%. Fairly safe trade if there ever was such a thing.

    So who owns Chong and how far do you think he can go? CHO is £2 more expensive right now at £5.21

  • The football index loves youngsters there is no reason he cant be in the £4-5 with just a few mins, i know that sounds crazy but its football index.

    Next season who knows, united really need some defenders so they might go big on that in the summer and not bother with attack players if they think chong and greenwood can step up, all if’s.

    All eyes will be on pre season and transfers.

    As a reference last year CHO roughly 2.40 in pre season and flew to £3 I think after a good half against Arsenal. Look where he is now, he hasn’t really played at all.

  • given ole wants the job permanently, this is the only trophy he can relistically win and a cup run would do his chances wonders. i think he is likely to play a strong team, with the young guns of chong, greenwood, gomes, pereira being on the bench. i think lukaku and sanchez are bound to start as they need minutes and rashford/martial could do with a rest. probably lingard wide right with mata, fred and 1 of pogba, matic, herrera, pereira in the midfield (more likely herrera/matic as defensive shield).

    just my thoughts as a man utd fan and what i would do. i believe an appearance off the bench is all chong/gomes/greenwood need to get people excited as they are all energetic and will make an impression with pace and directiveness on the ball, so that could see a further upward movement in FI price of these kids. I think now is a great time to get on them, before price drops/settles post FA cup.

  • Everybody looking for the next sancho. Not sure if Chong is to get his debut this weekend, he traveled with the team midweek and people thought he was going to to on the bench then. Mason Greenwood is to make his debut for united. So will see his price rise even more when the team sheet comes out

  • @Smilayo not sure greenwood will start, but I think he will definitely come on if united are winning, assume this is what you mean?! lukaku will start up top.

  • Sanchez & Lukaku will occupy 2 of the 3 striking births as they need minutes.

    The third player will either be Lingaard, Mata, Greenwood or Chong. With the latter two more likely to start on the bench.

    Fred & Fellaini will probably start too and they also need game time.

  • let's face it.. this is not about Chong being the next Adnan Januzaj or Federico Macheda, this is not about him taking the heir of Marouanne Fellaini (see what i did there...?) or being the next instagram superstar after Jesse Lingard and Paul Buzz Pogba...

    This is about people, investors, speculators that think 'IF' he one day gets to kick a ball against a man... they can make profit from him... and until he plays 2/3/4 or 20 games out on loan at some second tier side and we find out he's the next Tyler Blackett.... Only when will this nonsense all wash over!!!!

  • Chong’s rumoured to be starting in the FA cup, expect his price to rise steadily up to the game. It’s a very good punt at the minute, if he has a decent performance he could easily shoot up £1 - £1.50 no problem.

  • tbf if he scores against mighty Reading he'll probably hit the £10 barrier!!!!

  • @dannypea the heir to Fellaini!! IF one day he gets to kick a ball 😂 fantastic post, you win the forum today Danny 😂😂

  • @9stevo boredom in the office pal...

    they say if you throw enough sh*t at it eventually some will stick!!!

  • Chong’s a starter for tomorrow

  • He's just jumped 5p in 2 mins, someone is throwing money into him

  • @GregF 8p in 5 mins... Have I missed a deposit bonus or something?!

  • @GregF said in Curious case of Tahith Chong:

    @GregF 8p in 5 mins... Have I missed a deposit bonus or something?!

    Don't worry @GregF - you haven't missed anything. 🙄

  • Both him and James Garner included in tomorrow’s match day squad. No Greenwood though!

  • @Wino1 neither will see a blade of grass 😱

  • I doubt they will start, however depending on how the game is going the may get the last 20. Players like Pereira/Fred/McTominay etc are more likely to get minutes.

  • @Wino1 let’s get Garner IPO’d tonight, he’ll be 15 quid before kick off!

  • @Wino1 you can add Fellaini, Lukaku & Sanchez to that list to. ⚽

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