Is In Play Dividends being advertised enough to new traders?

  • I've won quite a few in play divs from players like Kepa and Kasper Schmeichel in the past few weeks but equally there values haven't moved up and in Kepa's case he has significantly droped. To me at under £1 Kepa is a fantastic buy and I've topped up. Do other traders see this too. Other similar performing keepers like Alison still at nearly £2...

  • I don't think in-play dividends is being advertised enough to existing traders??? who are the top performers last month? who's made the most dividends from G&A or clean sheets?? without knowing why would people invest?

    I really don't see enough incentive to invest in a goalkeeper at £1 for 30 days to perhaps take 0.10 in dividends and then sell him for the same amount or less minus commission?

    I really think FI are missing a trick with Goalies and don't get why they neglect this area of the market as with proper incentives the top prices would triple, quadruple etc which can only be good for the pockets of Cole n co???

  • @dannypea I suppose I was hoping for some capital appreciation too and because of the low price the commission on a sub £2 player going up 20p is more favourable. I see the value obviously in the MB performers as the initial interest to investors on a long term hold and therefore the top boys are the most popular.

    But short term surely keepers between 50p and £1.30 are a safe bet even with the current div scheme.

  • i've held goalkeepers for long periods (i only own Onana now) and have never seen any real capital appreciation based on PB potential or the fact that they play for a team that doesn't concede... i made tiny profit on De Gea over 10-12 months and had a small loss over Lloris in that time (in the hope that the GK Divi's would come, when they eventually did, i already cashed out)...

    I did get lucky on Kepa buying after he signed a new contract for Bilbao before going to Chelsea, making about a quid profit before selling on the day he signed, i reckon the only way to make money on GK's is by buying one that is attracting moves to a big club as the current dividend structure just doesn't incentivise holding enough??

    That said, they offer low risk, low returns, and 'IF' anything changes by holding a few an average investment could become a great investment over night...? Rather than having the 'cream of the crop' in goal (Kepa won't move from Chelsea now for 5 years plus) i see it better to have a mid range keeper that might eye a move to a big boy which in time will see them appreciate quicker??

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