Should I sell any of these players at a lost

  • New to the platform and made some bad trades initially. learnt from my mistakes
    but was wondering if anyone had any advice whether to sell these players at a loss or wait until after the share split?

  • @NewUser220858 your main risk here is that the vast majority of your portfolio is in Pogba - he is one of the most volatile holds at the moment but also a very good one and he will win you dividends.

    Pogba wont play in the FA cup game and therefore might drop a little but but will rise on the back of his next good performance (and more than likely win divs)

    Lingard - you caught him at the top of a big rise, I would sit tight at the moment, if he has a good game in the FA cup might rise and that could be a chance to sell half at a profit and keep the other half

    De Bruyne has been injured so understandable hes dropped. Hes a class act, perhaps not amazing on FI but a player that will almost certainly benefit from the share split and will play a huge part in City competing for 4 trophies this year

    Coutinho has fallen from grace recently but for the sake of 5 futures I would hold and see how things go

    Salah is a good hold and will win divs across the season - similar scenario to de bruyne

    Jack Stephens I know nothing about

    the others where theres only 1 future I would just keep hold of, so in conclusion it might be a bit of a bumpy ride over the next month or so but I would personally sit tight as 'whats done is done' you havent bought terribly at all. Don't panic if pogba drops a little bit (he probs will drop) but he will be back up again and maybe use the next rise to sell off some of the shares to de risk.... just my opinion

  • the only one i would question is Jack Stephens... but then he's low risk and can't imagine you'll lose much on him?

    Lingard is one of those slow risers but a run of goals in games and he can soon shoot up... Son will fall short term but if you're prepared to hold then he should come good once back from the Asia Cup.. KDB needs a run of games to start generating positive returns whilst Pogba will always return you dividends... PEA scores goals so no worry about him growing in value whilst Salah & Sane long term should only go one way... Coutinho is a dilemma? Does he get enough air time playing third fiddle to the likes of Messi & Suarez? Maybe get shot of him but he still possesses half decent PB opportunities whilst Brahim looks set to go to Real Madrid so his price should go up.. dependent on whether he's a squad player or first teamer though will have an impact on his value...

    All in all though come what May i think a lot of those negatives will be green.

  • @NewUser220858 definitely hold. They are all solid buys which will bounce back, particularly after share split, and you will just lose commission if sell now. Try to stay patient and enjoy the ride!

  • @NewUser220858 don't see any reason to sell any

  • Agree with the others. I've actually made the same mistake on Son but now hoping he'll drop a bit more due to the Asia Cup, and I can top up before he comes back and is inevitably brilliant again.

  • My only other tip would be to diversify more. Pogba is a great hold but can be volatile.

  • @lotsofgoats same here. Son will definitely rise after Asian games (and not even away very long) and will look an absolute snip after share split.

  • I second Andy. Not the worst buys by any stretch. Hold tight and they will bounce back. As u gain experience u start to get a feel of when a player has hit their ceiling limit or is peaking in price. To see what the player could be worth, compare them to other similar players who play in that position. For example defenders tend to peak around £4.50, attacking midfielders £8, striker £19. (Ignore kimmich and pogba...they are anomalies for their own reasons 😉)

  • Plus almost 80% of your investment in one player is very balls deep, but perhaps a bit too deep...🍒

  • A resounding hold from me. I would agree with the person above who said lump more into Son (Who i don't hold). Diversify some Poggers into him and maybe lose some Stephens. After all it always looks like he's put his hair on back to front.

  • So i still have a 100 left to invest you would suggest son? and then sell some pogba aswell


  • As others have said, I would hold all of those players at the moment.

    Pogba is a MB (and increasingly a PB) beast, who will deliver lots of dividends. But if he was hit by a bus, your portfolio would be very vulnerable to a price drop. Don't sell your existing futures in Pogba, but perhaps put any new money you deposit (or any dividends you win) into your other players to create a more balanced portfolio and gradually reduce risk.

  • @NewUser220858 I think that would be the smart move based only on the players you already have and reshuffling the pack based on:

    Son's price has dropped due to Asian cup
    South Korea may get some headlines.
    His price will bounce upon his return.
    Spurs are in the CL

    Buy and sit in and wait for the price to bounce early Feb.

    In fact i might buys some myself now!

  • @dannypea said in Should I sell any of these players at a lost:


    That's rule 2.

    Rule 1 is something about yellow snow...

  • @Ellisandro said in Should I sell any of these players at a lost:

    maybe lose some Stephens. After all it always looks like he's put his hair on back to front.

    See this is the sort of thing that, in my opinion, should be guiding the market.

  • @lotsofgoats my thoughts behind him was that he should get a starting spot whilst Yoshida is away with japan at the asian games

  • @NewUser220858 Yes but he's not going to keep a clean sheet, score any goals or visit then hairdressers in the intervening period!

  • @Ellisandro So your top tip is to buy players with good hair then !!!!

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