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  • Looks to be leaving Nice for Newcastle!! Bound to generate lots of media buzz if returns to PL and if plays well could get back into top 200. Worth a punt at £1.50?

  • I haven't seen him play for a while, but zero goals this season in the French league is a worry.

    It could be worth a punt for media buzz and short term gains, but personally I see it as a big risk.

  • @kristiang85 yes definitely a risky one, could see a big rise if moves back to prem though. Apparently his contract is being terminated today to free up a move.

  • If Balotelli moved back to the Premiership, the UK sports media would go nuts. They love slating anything he does.

    Can you imagine all the Geordies calling into radio phone-ins to complain when he gets sent off in the first minute of a match!

  • @ocs123 He is a grade A bellend. An MB magnet if ever there was one. However, despite Newcastle's dismal showing against Utd i'm not sure having that colossal turd letting off fireworks and throwing darts at youth team players would help.

  • very, very risky. would have to go to a PB league (which I think is less likely than staying in one), and settle down and play well (something which history tells us is also unlikely).

    Take the Newcastle 'rumour' - do you really thing Rafa would want him anywhere near his team? He hates players who do not follow his instructions and sacrifice themselves for the team (see Mitrovic) - which is pretty much the definition of Mario.

    The MB dangle appears to have some superficial allure - but in reality its so unlikely as to have no value. Far, far easier and less stressful money to be made many other places. Flippers will obviously love it, and no doubt he will get some kind of rise for a limited time - it is silly season after all - but it's a clear avoid to me.

  • @Keegan's-Bluff well it's Marseille or Newcastle by the looks of things. Agree high risk though.

  • @Hotspur I'll show me arse in Fenwick's Shop Window, as my Dad used to say, if he comes to Newcastle.

  • I would usually say don't touch with a barge pole but just had a quick 20 to test the water because if he does have EPL interest that will wake the flippers and should he move to England the country will go mad for him so imagine if he gets past the £2.20 barrier he'll go in to direct competition with Pogba for haircut or antic of the week!!!! He's a little risky at his current price but he's one of those short term gambles that could make things very interesting on here!!! Plus I don't like to be left in the lurch!!!

  • @Keegan's-Bluff I'll snigger quietly into a bag. It would be a terrible idea.

  • @dannypea yep if he joins Newcastle I think he will sneak into top 200 and be a regular MB contender. Very tempting one at current price.

  • Newcastle haven't made an attempt to sign him


    A hung-over journalist defeated by life looks through bloodshot eyes at a cursor blinking menacingly on a blank screen. He finally rouses himself into action and opens Twitter. He half-heartedly scans a recycled account of a faded striker's temper-tantrum at a whiteboard.

    JOURNALIST: (shouting) Hey Bob, who needs a striker this transfer window?

    BOB: Er.... Newcastle?

    The journalist starts typing....

  • @Keegan's-Bluff Yeah, that's about it. As we all know Bob's wife is having an affair with Steve from accounts and Steve is a big Newcastle's pretty obvious now you mention it.

  • With Balotelli I don't think anyone attempts to sign him, he'll just turn up and the club will be powerless to say no. It could lead to a colossal power struggle between Pogba and Balotelli for media buzz, could be brilliant, or could be Nile Ranger and Andy Carroll rolled into one...

  • @GregF I've not been this excited since Advincula last hit a scorching shot from 20+ yards whiskers over the bar around 3 months ago!!!! I think the Balotelli train is just what FI needs to peg the Pog back!!!

  • When you see Defoe (who is 36 and definitely leaving for a non PB league) rising 40% up to circa £1, then Balotelli (who is 28 and being linked with Newcastle and Marseille) at £1.50 doesn't look so risky.

    If it's true that Nice are ripping up his contract and making him a free agent, I would be amazed if a club in a PB-league doesn't take a punt on him. Yes, he's a liability, but there are lots of desperate clubs out there who urgently need goals and Balotelli is capable of delivering (some of the time), as he proved at Nice last season.

  • @NewUser82416 said in Balotelli Buzz:

    Newcastle haven't made an attempt to sign him


  • @dannypea all aboard the Balotrain!

  • if this is true wtf is going on!!! The ultimate tsser as far as I'm concerned. I think all clubs should sign a pact so that he can't earn a living out of the game....I will demand a refund of my season ticket if this dckhead gets signed by us.

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